Used Audi A1 S1 cars for sale

The most energetic model in the A1 range comes packaged under the aggressive moniker of the S1. Following a line up of S models launched by Audi back in 1990, the A1 is one of the latest models to be overhauled by the Audi engineers resulting in a redefined purpose that channels the racing spirit of the early 80's Audi 'Quattro' years.

Featuring a high performance 2.0 engine, seen across the Audi and Volkswagen brands but packaged into the most lightweight and nimble framework offered, makes the S1 notoriously thrilling to drive. As with all S and RS models offered by Audi, the S1 carries with it the notable Audi 4WD Quattro system meaning the 227bhp produced by the 2.0 engine is utilised to its full potential.