Only the best cars meet the Motorpoint Quality Standard

Buy with confidence knowing all our cars have passed the strictest quality checks

You need to trust the car you’re buying, which is why at Motorpoint we only sell the best quality cars available – cars that meet the Motorpoint Quality Standard.

Which cars are good enough to be Motorpoint cars?

We only sell cars that meet a strict set of quality criteria to ensure you can rely on your Motorpoint car. We reject thousands of the cars we buy every year as they go through our stringent vetting process. This leaves us with the best of the best.

But the quality checks don’t stop there. 

Our team of highly trained technicians will then repair or replace anything that doesn’t meet the demands of the Motorpoint Quality Standard.

For that extra peace of mind, all our cars are sold with a warranty and will not be due an MOT for at least three months. Plus, they all undergo a Motorpoint valet before your keys are handed over, so you can drive away with that new-car feeling (without the new-car price tag).

What is checked as part of the Motorpoint Quality Standard?

The Motorpoint Quality Standard is a comprehensive set of inspection criteria that must be met before we’ll sell a car. The standard ensures our vehicles are prepared to a best-in-class condition for their age and mileage.

As you’d expect from any used car, there are typically some small signs of wear and tear if you look closely. There may be light scratches or some tyre wear, but you won’t find big dents and kerb damage on our cars. 

Below is an example of some of the key features of our Quality Standard to provide you with the reassurance of quality you’ll find with every Motorpoint car.

What to expect from your Motorpoint car

  • Minor wear in line with the age of the vehicle 
  • No MOT due within three months
  • No service due within three months or 2,000 miles
  • No warning lights
  • Front seats should have no visible repairs and only minor wear
  • Interior free from odours
  • Tyres will have a minimum of 2.5mm across the central ¾ of the tyre

How we ensure our vehicles meet our standards

Every car that arrives at Motorpoint goes through a thorough multi-point check. We then correct anything that needs improving to bring it up to the Motorpoint Quality Standard. Here’s what we’ll do to bring a car up to scratch.


  • Stone chips bigger than 3mm are touched in
  • Light scratches under 50mm are polished and improved
  • Scratches bigger than 50mm are refurbished by our specialists
  • Dents are removed where possible or reduced to an acceptable standard
  • Windscreen chips are repaired to the MOT standard
  • Windscreens, lamps and mirrors are replaced if cracked


  • Rear-seat damage up to 30mm will be repaired but may still be visible
  • Cabin trims are replaced if broken or cracked

Wheels and tyres

  • Tyres with cuts bigger than 25mm or where cords are exposed will be replaced
  • Tyres will also be replaced if there are any bulges in the sidewall
  • Kerb damage on alloys will be refurbished
  • Surface marks bigger than 25mm on wheels will be touched in 


    Additional Items

    We will supply the following items with your car:

    • 1 key (or more if we have them)
    • Navigation SD Card (if applicable)
    • Handbook (if applicable). Please note many manufacturers now refer you to a digital handbook
    • Service book (if applicable). Please note many manufacturers use a digital service record
    • Parcel shelf (if applicable)

    If these items are not available on the day of collection, we will endeavour to get these to you within 30 days.

    We are unable to guarantee that your vehicle comes with floor mats, but we have a range of better-than-manufacturer-quality floor mats available as part of our protection pack. Please speak to a member of our team for further information.


    Added Protection

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