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Mercedes buying guide

What Mercedes models are there?

The A-Class is the smallest car in the Mercedes lineup – similar in size to a VW Golf – and is available in both hatchback and saloon body styles. That means you still get a usable cabin with room for four adults, or five for shorter journeys, and a boot large enough for at least a couple of large suitcases. Engine choices include efficient petrol and diesel engines, a plug-in hybrid option and ultra-high-performance AMG options.

Next up is the B-Class. This is a great choice for family buyers thanks to its more practical MPV body shape, which allows easy access to the rear seats and gives the boot a handy boost over the A-Class. Similar engine choices as the A-Class – minus the hot-rod AMG options – are available in the B-Class, including the fuel-sipping B250e plug-in hybrid.

The CLA takes the same engines and parts as the A and B-Class, but dresses them in a sportier, more eye-catching body – available either as a four-door coupe, or five-door ‘Shooting Brake’ estate. CLA models get a similar range of efficient engines to the smaller Mercedes models, or you can choose the rapid AMG CLA35 model if you’re more of a thrill seeker.

If you’d like more space for passengers to get comfortable, the larger C-Class has been a mainstay in the Mercedes range for decades. Four body styles are offered – a four-door saloon, a five-door estate, a coupe and a convertible. Inside, you get a reassuring blend of the latest on-board technology and neat luxury touches such as metal window switches, reminding you that you’re driving something a bit special.

Like the smaller C-Class, the Mercedes E-Class is also offered in saloon, estate, coupe and convertible forms. The step up to the E-Class brings with it a little more practicality, performance and luxury. The cabin has acres of room for passengers to stretch out and, in the estate especially, enormous amounts of boot space.

At the pinnacle of Mercedes’ lineup is the S-Class – often cited as one of the finest vehicles on sale and widely considered to be the benchmark for luxury cars. Owners are treated to world-beating technology and an almost peerless cabin experience – especially for rear-seat passengers – and effortlessly powerful yet whisper-quiet engine choices.


Which Mercedes models are SUVs?

Like its German rivals, Mercedes has launched several SUV models, with the GLA being the entry-point into the range. Despite this, it still feels every inch a Mercedes, with a plush cabin and plenty of on-board gadgets. Owners will appreciate the extra passenger and cargo space the GLA enjoys over its A-Class sibling.

Moving one size up brings you to the GLB. Under the skin, you get the same engines and parts as the GLA, but the squared bodywork brings a handy helping of extra cabin room. As standard, this means you get a vast and usefully shaped boot, but you also have the option to add a third row of seats here if you regularly carry more than five passengers.

In the middle of the Mercedes SUV lineup is the GLC. This model drops the seven-seat option of the GLB, but gives its five passengers even more cabin space to get comfortable. Under the bonnet, you’ll find a choice of Mercedes’ more powerful engines and all GLC models come standard with the company’s grippy 4Matic four-wheel-drive system.

Mercedes also offers the GLC Coupe, which takes the same parts and engines as its sibling but fits them in a sportier, coupe-like bodystyle. You trade away some interior space but gain a much more eye-catching SUV as a result.

Near the top of the company’s SUV range is the GLE. Inside, you’ll find some of the most plush materials offered in the Mercedes lineup along with vast amounts of space for passengers to stretch out. You also get the option of seven seats to make the most of the interior space on offer.

Finally, if you like the GLE but want to add an extra dose of style, you might want to try the GLE Coupe. This model follows a similar recipe to the GLC Coupe by exchanging some of the interior headroom for a swoopy, coupe roofline to help the GLE Coupe stand out.


Yes, Mercedes has already launched several electric models. The range opens with the EQA, which is a battery EV version of the GLA SUV. All models use the same 66.5kWh battery with a selection of electric motor choices, with the most efficient being able to travel up to 328 miles on a full charge.

Next up is the EQB, which is mechanically similar to the EQA and borrows the same body as the GLB SUV, retaining the option of seven seats in the cabin. The bulkier body costs the 66.5Wh battery some range, with the most efficient version able to cover 253 miles on a full charge.

Mirroring the progression of the engine-powered SUV lineup, the EQC is next, sharing a platform with the GLC SUV. Here, you’ll find an 80kWh battery pack, which enables the two motors to deliver a combined 300kW (408hp) for sports-car-like acceleration. Range on a full charge is up to 255 miles.

If an SUV isn’t your cup of tea, take a look at the EQE Saloon. This pairs some of Mercedes’ most advanced battery technology with an aerodynamic saloon body shape. As a result, you can cover up to 384 miles on a full charge in the EQE 300 or cover the 0-62mph dash in a supercar-worrying 3.5 seconds in the EQE 53 AMG model.

The top of the Mercedes EV range is governed by two models. The first is the EQS, which gets a spacious and impeccably posh cabin with plenty of technology pinched from the S-Class. The huge 108.4kWh battery pack can deliver up to 453 miles in the most efficient model, or deliver dramatic acceleration in the EQS 53 AMG version.

The second range-topping Mercedes EV is the EQS SUV. This model gets a vast seven-seat SUV body for passengers to stretch out in and the same enormous battery as the EQS Saloon. Range for the EQS SUV is up to 380 miles for the most efficient version.

Historically, Mercedes cars were praised for their robustness. However, recent performances in reliability surveys from the likes of Which? and ReliabilityIndex have placed the brand mid-table for dependability. Like other premium and luxury carmakers, Mercedes performance can be partially explained by the fact its cars have a large number of features and extras – giving more potential points of failure, where a more simple car might not experience the same problems.

AMG is the high-performance division of Mercedes. This range includes some of the fastest hatchbacks, saloons and SUVs currently on sale – all using engines handbuilt in Affalterbach, Germany. AMG stands for Aufrecht, Melcher and Großaspach – named after the two founders of AMG and the birthplace of Mr Aufrecht respectively.

Mercedes uses these names to refer to its automatic gearboxes so, if you see a Mercedes sold with 7G-Tronic or a similar number, it’ll change gears for you. The number itself refers to the number of forward gears in each unit.

4Matic is a brand name Mercedes uses for its four-wheel-drive systems. These are widely available on its SUV models but can also be found across several of its regular car models too – especially high-performance AMG versions, which usually feature 4Matic as standard.

AMG Line is a trim level offered across most Mercedes models. Similar to Audi’s S Line and BMW’s M Sport, AMG Line adds some extra sports touches and features to Mercedes regular lineup. Exact spec changes vary from model to model, but most AMG Line vehicles get larger alloy wheels than standard, blacked-out styling details and lower, firmer suspension. These let you experience the look and feel of a full-fat Mercedes AMG without the high costs.

Mercedes Me is the company’s name for its connected vehicle services. You can download the free Mercedes Me app to your smartphone to gain access. Functions include the ability to locate your car via GPS, check vehicle and maintenance information, and manage charging on Mercedes electric cars. 

EQ is the brand name Mercedes is using for its electric cars. This has led to model lines such as the EQC and EQS Saloon, and is also the marketing name used for the company’s Formula E efforts.

Yes! All used Mercedes sold by Motorpoint are available with either hire purchase (HP) or personal contract purchase (PCP) finance.