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10 best electric cars on sale in 2024

These days, it seems a new electric car gets launched every week – each model nudging the bar upwards in terms of technology, performance and efficiency.

As a result, some EVs that were seen as cutting edge 12 months ago are now just another middle-of-the-road option.

From this growing crowd, we've plucked out 10 of our favourite EVs on sale. Each model combines clever on-board tech with a swift-yet-silent electric motor for an effortless driving experience.

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Kia EV6

Kia’s dipped a toe in the water with electric cars before, but the EV6 is its first clean-sheet design. That’s why it looks so radical with a nose like a supercar and a stretched wheelbase like a limo – and why rear passengers have almost as much legroom as they'd get on a deck chair. Generous standard kit includes a curved digital display with two 12.3-inch screens, and there’s even something called vehicle-to-load charging so you can use the car’s battery to power other appliances. Rear-wheel-drive models offer 328 miles on a charge, but upgrading to the powerful all-wheel-drive model only cuts this to 300 miles. A Jaguar I-Pace on a budget… with more room.

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Hyundai Ioniq 5

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 is the Kia EV6’s cousin and both use the same mechanical bits, giving you loads of space inside and super-fast charging – 10-80% in 18 mins if you can find a 350kW charger. You won’t mix the two up, though, because the Hyundai rocks a supersized '80s hatchback vibe that looks incredible in person. Go for the top-spec all-wheel-drive model if you want bells, whistles and 298 miles of range from the 73kWh battery, but the Ioniq 5 is also available with rear-wheel drive and a smaller 58kWh battery to make this the more affordable of the two Korean EVs. Even then, it’s still good for 240 miles.

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Tesla Model 3

Tesla’s most affordable model, the Model 3 regularly flirts with the UK’s best-selling-car list thanks to its popularity – and the company's way of reporting sales. Of course, it ticks all the Tesla boxes, with aerodynamic looks, masses of space including a trunk and a frunk, plus a whopping great touchscreen that lets you play arcade games using the actual steering wheel. But the Model 3’s secret weapon is also being a sparky little thing to drive, with lightning-quick steering, perky handling and performance that pings it down the road like a ball off a bat. Updated Highland versions can cover up to 390 miles on a charge.

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Smart #1

Smart #1 in white

The Smart #1 is so fresh, you might not have realised that the microcar brand has now been revived by Volvo's parent company, Geely. The #1 – yes, they really want us to call it that – is no tiny city car, however, instead coming as a crowd-pleasing small SUV, with just enough space for small, urban families. As you'd expect from a modern EV, the cabin's focused around its massive central touchscreen, which is absolutely stuffed with features – although you might need to borrow a nearby 12-year-old to help navigate its fussy submenus. Long-range models muster 273 miles on a full charge, or pick the bonkers Brabus for stupidly fast, Lamborghini-matching acceleration.

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Porsche Taycan

The Taycan is a Porsche first and an EV second. That means it's the best-driving electric car on sale today by a fair margin. The Sport Turismo version has a sleek estate-like body and slightly better rear headroom than the cramped standard model – while the Cross Turismo adds more ride height and some tough SUV-like body cladding. It's pricey, though – even affordable examples break the £70k barrier and it’s easy to blow past £100k. Range isn't its greatest strength considering its focus on the driving experience, but an official 268-mile rating for the entry-level model still isn’t too bad. If you can afford it, the GTS wins our ‘pick of the bunch’ award.

Volkswagen ID.Buzz

Volkswagen ID.Buzz in white/yellow two-tone

After years of teasing the return of its iconic Type 2 camper van, the Volkswagen ID.Buzz has finally hit the roads. Look past the silly name and you'll find a seriously compelling battery-powered big family car, with substantially more passenger and cargo carrying capacity than any other battery-powered in the VW lineup. Prices are steep, so look for generous PCP or leasing deals – or wait until they become more common on the used market – to save yourself a bundle. The 77kWh battery returns a range of 258 miles when fully charged – respectable considering the car's brick-like body.

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BMW i4

BMW was early to the EV party with the i3, which came in fancy dress, but the new i4 is much more conventional – and that’s no bad thing. Based on the 4-series Gran Coupe with its sleek five-door body and gorgeous interior, the i4 just swaps petrol or diesel for electricity, then romps down the road like an 'Ultimate Driving Machine' should. eDrive40 is your entry-level rear-drive model with a 365-mile range and 340hp, while the M50 amps up performance to a whoa-there 544hp, as well as adding all-wheel drive and still runs for up to 318 miles. Both get fab new 27-inch long Curved Display – an infotainment system bigger than some smaller people’s TVs.

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Volvo EX30

Volvo EX30 in yellow

Considering it's the brand's smallest SUV, the Volvo EX30 made a big splash when it was revealed. It drew eyes for its handsome, geometric styling and drew praise for its stripped-back, minimalist cabin, but the game-changing factor was its price, which undercut most key rivals by thousands of pounds, making this an astonishingly affordable route into electric SUV ownership. Like the Smart #1 above, the EX30 uses the latest battery tech to manage nearly 300 miles on a full charge, and can be specified with the mighty dual-motor setup from the #1 Brabus for supercar-baiting acceleration.

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MG 4

MG4 in orange

The revived MG brand has already made an impression in Britain thanks to its selection of well-equipped cars that substantially undercut their main rivals on price. What MG lacked, however, was a model that had the design chops to hang with the best in class – step in, the MG 4. This clever hatchback has a small footprint but a big cabin thanks to its battery-powered underpinnings, along with angsty, pointy styling that looks like it belongs in Sonic the Hedgehog. Inside, you'd never guess it was a budget-friendly option thanks to a modern-looking cabin that's decked out in the latest tech.

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Skoda Enyaq

What do you call a zero-emissions Skoda? No, not broken down – it’s the oddly named Enyaq. Based on the same bits as the VW ID.4, the all-electric Enyaq IV ticks all the Skoda boxes like a gunslinger shooting bottles off a wall. Comfy? Yep. Refined. Of course. Huge in the back? Massive boot? Great value for money? Tick, tick, tick! Choose from 60, 80 and all-wheel-drive 80x models – all are fab, but the 80 is the sweet spot if you can afford it thanks to its bigger 82kWh battery, decent performance and up to 333 miles of cruising range.

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