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Hyundai buying guide

What Hyundai models are there?

The smallest Hyundai you can buy is the i10. This little five-door hatchback takes up barely any room on the road making it easy to slot into tight parking spaces. Inside, it makes pretty good use of what little cabin space it has, with enough room for four adults to sit in reasonable comfort. It’s impressively comfortable for a car of its size too, which helps commuting feel like less of a chore.

If you need a little more practicality, jump up to the Hyundai i20. This VW-Polo-sized hatchback has a little more interior room, allowing four adults to sit comfortably, or five at a push. The boot also gains a good chunk of space making the i20 a better shout for bigger shopping trips.

Family buyers looking for a Hyundai hatchback might be better served by the i30. This model is roughly the size of a Ford Focus and has enough rear seat room for adults to sit comfortably. Most i30s are the conventional hatchback body shape but some come in the sharper-looking i30 Fastback shape, with a longer body and coupe-like roofline.

Which Hyundai models are SUVs?

Kicking off the Hyundai SUV range is the Bayon, which is built using most of the same parts and engines as the i20 hatchback. The Bayon gets a taller SUV-inspired body making it a little easier to load kids or cargo into the rear without bumping your head.

If you want a little more interior space, take a look at the Hyundai Kona. Inside, the cabin is large enough for four adults to stretch out, with five able to sit in reasonable comfort, and the boot is more than a match for anything you, your kids or your pets might throw at it.

Jumping one size up in the Hyundai SUV lineup, you get to the Tucson. This is a great choice for families that regularly use the rear seats, with plenty of room to manoeuvre child seats into position. Under the bonnet, you get a choice of efficient petrol and diesel engines, with the latter being a great choice for long-distance drivers. The most recent Tucson also offers hybrid and plug-in hybrid engines to reduce your fuel costs.

The largest SUV you can buy from Hyundai is the Santa Fe. This chunky SUV offers a spacious seven-seat cabin letting you squeeze even more passengers in. Most Santa Fe models come equipped with a strong 2.2-litre diesel engine that’s great for towing or hauling heavy loads. Like the Tucson, you can also choose from a pair of hybrid engines.

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Publications including ReliablityIndex and Which? have both awarded Hyundai high marks for its reliability. This is backed up by the carmaker itself, which offers a five-year warranty as standard across all its vehicles – two more than almost all other brands.

Hyundai has, like many of its rivals, begun to embrace the battery-powered future.

One of the first battery EVs the brand offered was the Ioniq Electric. This Golf-sized hatchback comes with a stretched ‘fastback’ rear end, similar in spirit to the Toyota Prius, giving decent passenger and cargo room. The 100kW (134hp) electric motor feels sprightly in traffic and the 38kWh battery pack has enough capacity to give a 193-mile range.

If you fancy an EV with a slightly more muscular look, Hyundai offers the same EV parts in the Kona Electric SUV. Like the petrol-powered model, you get a slightly taller cabin that makes loading kids and cargo a little easier. Basic 38kWh models can achieve 190 miles on a full charge, or you can choose the optional 64kWh pack to lift this to 301 miles along with a handy acceleration boost thanks to a larger electric motor.

Finally, Hyundai also makes the eye-catching Ioniq 5 electric car. If you stand far away, you could be fooled into thinking this model is a city-slicking hatchback but, if you get up close, you’ll find it’s sized much closer to your typical family SUV. Basic models can achieve 238 miles on a full charge but pick the optional long-range battery pack to stretch this to 315 miles. Powerful twin-motor versions can hit 62mph from rest in a hot-hatch-worrying 5.2 seconds.

GDi is the name Hyundai gives to its petrol engine lineup – the acronym stands for Gasoline Direct Injection. These models use modern combustion technology to reduce fuel consumption. You might also spot some Hyundais sold with T-GDi engines – these units add a turbocharger to the mix for even more power.

CRDi is the Hyundai brand name for its diesel engines – standing for Common Rail Diesel injection. These engines are a great choice for high-mileage drivers and those that might need to do some occasional towing.

DCT is Hyundai-speak for its automatic gearbox. The acronym stands for Dual-Clutch Transmission. This style of gearbox aims to combine the direct feel and fuel efficiency of a manual with the self-shifting abilities of an auto.

N Line is the trim level Hyundai reserves for its sportier looking models – similar to BMW’s M Sport or Audi’s S-Line. These versions can usually be spotted by their extra dark-coloured exterior trim pieces and larger alloy wheels. N Line cars ape the looks of Hyundai’s full-fat high-performance N models, but without the fuel-burning engine choices.

Hyundai Blue Drive is the name the company gives to a range of fuel-saving technologies it fits to its cars. These include energy recuperation while braking via the alternator, stop-start systems, and using electric power steering.

Bluelink is the name Hyundai gives to its connected vehicle services. You can access the functions included as standard by downloading the free Bluelink app to your smartphone. Services include remote vehicle status monitoring and location services, including the ability to locate your parking space.

Of course! All nearly new Hyundais sold by Motorpoint are offered with either hire purchase (HP) or personal contract purchase (PCP) finance packages depending on your needs.