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Vauxhall buying guide

What Vauxhall models are there?

The gateway into Vauxhall’s range is the city-friendly Viva hatchback. This is one of the most affordable cars you can buy but still offers enough practicality for buyers that only occasionally need the back seats. You can also get the Viva Rocks model, which adds chunky plastic exterior trim and roof rails to help it stand out from other hatches.

While the Vauxhall Corsa is a very common sight in the UK, it’s earned its place in the best-sellers list thanks to a strong blend of practicality, affordability and efficiency. The cabin has enough room for four adults to sit in reasonable comfort and a boot just about large enough for everything shy of a full family holiday.

If the Corsa’s just a little too small, step up to the Vauxhall Astra. Again, this model is so common in the UK, you could be fooled into thinking it’s nothing special, but its spacious interior and confident, composed road manners help the Astra feel like a much more premium choice from behind the wheel.

Stepping up yet another size gets us to the Vauxhall Insignia, which comes in both five-door saloon and Sports Tourer estate forms. The driving experience is also slightly more mature than the smaller Vauxhalls in the range, with surefooted handling and a comfortable ride helping make long trips less of a chore.

For maximum practicality, however, look no further than the Vauxhall Combo Life. This model starts with the boxy Combo small van and adds five seats to the cabin, turning it into a surprisingly massive family car. The big boot and high roof make loading child seats into the second row easy, with plenty of space left over for all your kids’ clobber.

Which Vauxhall models are SUVs?

The smallest Vauxhall SUV you can buy is the Crossland. It takes up roughly the same amount of space on the road as a Corsa hatchback, but has more interior space for kids or luggage thanks to its taller roofline and more boxy body.

Slightly confusingly, Vauxhall also builds the Crossland X SUV. Think of this as a pre-facelift version of the current Crossland – more-or-less the same fundamental vehicle but without the latest styling upgrades of the newer car. As a result, most Crossland X models are priced lower than newer Crossland cars.

Moving up Vauxhall’s SUV range by one size we find the Mokka. This surprisingly handsome SUV borrows the bones of the Peugeot 2008, giving it enough interior space for small families and a healthy suite of on-board technologies.

To confuse matters, you can also get the Vauxhall Mokka X. This model is an upgraded version of the previous-generation Mokka, so is actually based on the bones of an older Chevrolet model. While it might not have the latest bells and whistles of the new Mokka, the Mokka X is noticeably more affordable, which might put it in your budget.

The largest Vauxhall SUV you can currently buy is the Grandland X which, like other models in the lineup, borrows mechanical parts from Peugeot and Citroen. You get a nicely sized interior with lots of space for adults to stretch out, and the extra room to manoeuvre makes it easy to load bulky and awkward items into the boot. Like the Crossland, a recent facelift saw the ‘X’ dropped from the name.


Like most carmakers, Vauxhall is racing to introduce more electric cars across its lineup. Currently, there are several to choose from, plus a pair of plug-in hybrids.

The entry point to electric Vauxhall ownership is the Corsa-e. Unlike many EVs on sale right now, the Corsa-e looks… just like a regular Corsa. That might not suit buyers looking to wear their eco credentials as a badge of honour but, if you want your EV to zoom through town without anyone batting an eyelid, this might be the choice for you. You can even achieve a respectable 222 miles on a full charge.

If the Corsa is a little too small, you can jump up to the Mokka-e. This takes the eye-catching Mokka as its starting point but adds an electric motor and battery, giving it slightly more than 200 miles of range. Family buyers will appreciate the extra helping of passenger and boot space offered in the Mokka-e.

Above that is an electric version of the Combo Life, with little e badges signifying its zero-emission powertrain. It uses the same internals but offers a slightly lower range, due to it being bigger and boxier.

Vauxhall Connect is the company’s brand name for its range of connected vehicle services. These can be accessed via the MyVauxhall app, which you can download to your smartphone. You can see vehicle information and access some very basic functions for free, and you have the option to upgrade to a paid version giving you live traffic updates for the navigation system.

Modern Vauxhall cars share many proven parts and engines with Peugeot and Citroen models. In addition, models such as the Insignia and Mokka X have either won or placed as runners-up in reliability surveys such as those from JD Power and Driver Power. This should give you some confidence that your Vauxhall should last for many years to come.

All modern Vauxhalls come with a suite of safety features including airbags, seatbelts and extensive crumple zones. Several models across the range also come with active safety equipment including autonomous emergency braking if the car detects an obstacle in its path, and blind-spot monitoring to help you avoid accidents when changing lanes.

Many models across the Vauxhall range get the option of the SRi trim package. This badge dates all the way back to the 1980s and is used to mark out the sportier Vauxhall models in the lineup. SRi models gain deeper, sportier front and rear bumpers, along with larger alloy wheels to help them stand out. Inside, cosseting sports seats hold you in place around tight corners and some models get an additional Sport mode to help the car feel more alert.

Yes, you can! Motorpoint offers all its Vauxhall cars with a range of finance options including hire purchase (HP) and personal contract purchase (PCP), depending on your requirements.