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Toyota isn’t just the biggest car manufacturer in Japan, it’s one of the best-selling car makers worldwide, usually placing second to Volkswagen with 10 million cars produced each year. It hasn’t enjoyed that kind of success without being at the top of its game.

At the heart of Toyota’s popularity is its reputation for unburstable reliability – you’ll probably remember the Top Gear Toyota pick-up that just couldn’t be destroyed, no matter how hard Clarkson and co tried. But as well as reliability we can add affordability, frugality and versatility to its cars’ list of strengths. Toyota owners also benefit from having dealers spread all over the country, making it hassle-free come service-time.

Naturally being one of the largest car manufacturers on the planet, Toyota makes more kinds of cars than just about anyone else, and you'll find a great choice of used Toyotas at Motorpoint - from tiny superminies through to hatchbacks, saloons, crossovers and even seven-seat SUVs that can rival Land Rovers on the rough stuff.

Toyota takes its environmental responsibility seriously too, partly because its sheer scale means it can make a huge difference. Thanks to the trail blazed with its Prius since the 1990s, the majority of Toyotas are now available as hybrids, and it’s still busy innovating today with the hydrogen-fuelled Mirai – a car so advanced there’s barely anywhere to fill it up!

After a period of producing dull but worthy transport, Toyota has also rediscovered how to have fun with cars, as the brilliant GT86 or Supra sports cars and bonkers GR Yaris hot hatch prove.

Whatever you want to drive, there’s sure to be a nearly new Toyota perfect for you, so check out the range at Motorpoint today.