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Renault model range guide

What Renault models are there?

Renault made its name on the back of its successful small cars and the brand still offers a competitive lineup today.

The smallest proper car Renault makes is the Twingo. This model is a great choice for urban buyers looking for a car that can squeeze into tight city parking spaces. Its unconventional rear-engined design, shared with the most recent Smart Forfour, allows the front wheels to turn exceptionally wide, creating an insanely small turning circle. Four adults can fit inside at a push but don’t expect to get much luggage in with them.

Jumping up in size, we get to the Clio – a mainstay of Renault’s lineup for decades. The latest version of this Ford Fiesta-sized hatchback gets a plush interior inspired by the larger Megane, including an easy-to-use touchscreen infotainment system. Under the bonnet, you’ll find efficient turbocharged engines to keep your fuel bills low. Five adults can just about squeeze into the cabin, but they’ll only want to stay there for short trips.

If you more regularly carry passengers, the VW-Golf-sized Megane might be a better choice. Inside, you get a neat and minimal dashboard with only the infotainment touchscreen and physical climate controls remaining as key control points in place of a sea of switches. Four adults can get comfy in the Megane and five can fit with minimal complaints. You also get a handy boost to boot space, which makes the Megane easier to live with for families.

That said, for the maximum in family friendly motoring from Renault, look no further than the Scenic. This five-seat MPV is still relatively compact on the outside, making it easy to park in the city, but has a cavernous interior for all your kids and cargo. Rear passengers will appreciate the three individual rear seats, which makes fitting three child seats a much more bearable prospect.


Which Renault models are SUVs?

Renault’s SUV lineup comes in three distinct sizes and price points depending on your needs.

First up is the Captur SUV. This model – which shares the bones of the Nissan Juke – is now in its second generation and the latest version has focused hard on making the cabin feel more plush. Inside, you’ll find the same intuitive controls and infotainment system as other recent Renault models. Family buyers will appreciate the slightly taller roofline, which makes it easier to secure wriggling kids in their seats without bumping your head.

Sat somewhere between the Captur and the Kadjar is the Arkana. This coupe-SUV takes the platform of the Captur and dresses it in sportier bodywork that helps it stand out in the car park. All engines are petrol and automatic, and include at least some level of hybrid assistance to improve fuel economy.

If the Arkana is just a little too small for you, however, take a look at the Kadjar. Under the skin, this is mostly the same car as the Nissan Qashqai and that’s no bad thing – you get a similarly fuss-free, comfortable driving experience. The Kadjar gets a noticeable jump in rear seat and boot space over the Captur, and the ability to fold the rear seats down from the boot makes loading bulky items a doddle.

The bulkiest model in the Renault SUV lineup is the Koleos. Like the Nissan X-Trail it shares its parts with, the Koleos is essentially a stretched version of the Kadjar. That means you get mostly the same easy-going ownership experience but with the ability to fit even more cargo – but it still has five seats. Diesel versions of the Koleos might be worth considering if you need your vehicle to tow trailers or campers.


Yes. In fact, Renault was one of the first manufacturers to offer an EV that could be considered affordable compared to costly premium EVs coming out of the US and Germany.

Renault’s main EV offering is the Zoe hatchback. This Clio-sized battery-powered car might not look particularly special from the outside but several upgrades over its lifespan have now brought its range performance up to an impressive 238 miles. That’s more than you get in basic VW ID.3 and Nissan Leaf models, which both cost more than the Zoe.

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Renault typically places mid-table in reliability surveys carried out by motoring publications, but its performance has been improving in recent years. Many Renault parts and engines are widely used across Nissan, Dacia and Mitsubishi lineups. For ultimate peace of mind, take a look at Motorpoint’s extended warranty options to protect your investment.

TCe stands for turbo control efficiency and is the brand name Renault uses for its modern petrol engines. These are downsized and turbocharged compared to older Renault engines meaning they make the same or more power, with less fuel consumption.

dCi is the name Renault gives to its diesel engines – the acronym stands for diesel common-rail injection. These engines are a good choice for higher-mileage drivers or for those that might need to tow occasionally.

EDC is a Renault term given to its automatic gearboxes. So, if you buy a Renault EDC model, it’ll change gears for you. EDC stands for Efficient Dual Clutch, referring to the specific type of coupling used to connect the engine to the wheels.

Renault is about as French as the Pope is Catholic. So, yes, Renault is very much a French company.

Alpine – pronounced “al-peen” – is Renault’s sporty sister brand. You can think of it as similar to Cupra, which was recently split off from SEAT to form its own lineup. Currently, Alpine only makes the Porsche-fighting A110 sports car, but more high performance models are expected to launch in the coming years – likely including a hot hatch and a rapid EV option.

Yes, you can! You can arrange finance on any of Motorpoint’s nearly new Renaults for sale, with both hire purchase (HP) and personal contract purchase (PCP) options.