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Audi buying guide

What Audi models are there?

The smallest Audi is the A1 hatchback, which shares its bones with the VW Polo and is more-or-less the same size. That means four adults can fit inside in relative comfort, or five for short journeys, with just enough boot space for most day-to-day tasks. The A1 might look small from the outside, but the plush cabin and slick on-board technology help it feel much more grown-up on the inside.

Next up is the A3, which comes as a hatchback, four-door saloon, or Sportback estate. It uses most of the same parts as the VW Golf. This means you get the same fuss-free, effortless driving experience as the VW, but with the upmarket look and feel you’d expect from an Audi. The larger cabin and boot make the A3 an easier choice for small families that more regularly use the back seats.

Jumping into Audi’s larger cars, the A4 comes in saloon and Avant estate forms, and both are comfortable and confidence-inspiring on the road. Choose from whisper quiet turbo petrol engines or long-legged diesel engines that can eat up motorway miles while only sipping from their fuel tanks.

Taking the A4 as a starting point, the A5 earns extra style points thanks to its choice of handsome two-door coupe or five-door Sportback body. You get the same great range of powerful and efficient engines, and optional quattro all-wheel drive to give you unbreakable grip in cold and wet conditions.

Approaching the top of Audi’s range is the A6, which is also offered as a saloon or Avant estate, with the latter offering a truly cavernous cargo area. Inside, you get all the modern technology and premium touches you’d expect from an Audi, while strong and smooth engines let the A6 cruise for hundreds of miles without breaking a sweat.

Following a similar recipe as the rest of the lineup, the Audi A7 takes the bones of the A6 but drapes them in a swoopy, five-door coupe body. In the cabin, the A7 feels absolutely top-notch with expensive-feeling materials and squeak-free build quality everywhere you look.

Finally, at the top of the Audi range is the A8 luxury saloon. Here, you get the best the German brand has to offer, with countless bells and whistles in the cabin, and acres of space for passengers and luggage.

Which Audi models are SUVs?

Audi sells its popular SUV range as ‘Q’ models. The entry point into the lineup is the Q2, which borrows most of its mechanical parts from the VW T-Roc. The cabin is a useful size for small families and its taller crossover roofline makes loading child seats into the second row fairly easy.

Moving up the range, you get to the Q3. Unsurprisingly, the cabin and boot are a little larger, making it a better choice for owners that regularly use the back seats. There’s also the option of the Q3 Sportback, which gets a sportier, coupe roofline for a sharper look.

There’s a similar story in the Audi Q5 lineup, with the regular car offering loads of space for families and the Q5 Sportback losing a little rear headroom to gain a sportier coupe-like look. Across the range, the Q5 gets plentiful on-board technology, along with a great choice of strong, quiet engines.

For those that need the most space, the chunky Audi Q7 might be the best choice. Inside, you get some of Audi’s most premium features and touches, along with seven seats for added practicality. Most Q7s come with Audi’s effortless diesel V6 engines, helping them feel as mighty as the looks suggest.

The absolute pinnacle of Audi’s SUV lineup is the Q8. This model takes the platform of the Q7 but dresses it in a chiselled, sportier package that almost looks like a Lamborghini Urus if you squint. You get Audi’s beefiest engines paired with grippy quattro all-wheel drive, thrusting the Q8 down the road much faster than you might expect from such a large car.


Your Audi questions answered

Audi models are known for their solid build quality – you’ll rarely hear any squeaks or rattles coming from an Audi cabin. As a brand, however, Audi tends to score relatively low in reliability surveys. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that, in general, Audis come with much more on-board technology than many more affordable cars, meaning they can record higher failure rates due to having more things that could go wrong. As ever, maintaining your vehicle properly will help it last for many thousands of miles.

Yep! You can finance your used Audi with Motorpoint. Select either a hire purchase (HP) agreement or personal contract purchase (PCP) agreement, depending on how you’d like to structure your payments.

Yes, Audi, like most of its rivals, has begun launching a range of electric cars to appeal to buyers that want Audi quality without the associated impact on the climate.

The first model to arrive in the UK was the e-tron – a sizeable battery-powered SUV with a choice of either a 71kWh battery for a 197-mile range, or a larger 95kWh pack that lifts total range to 253 miles. Other than its silent electric acceleration, you’d be hard pressed to tell the e-tron apart from any other Audi SUV inside, with the same premium look and feel as the rest of the brand’s range.

Next up is the smaller Q4 e-tron. This model comes in two bodystyles – the regular Q4 and the swoopier Q4 Sportback, which swaps in a coupe-like roofline. Under the floor, entry-level ‘35’ models can go as far as 209 miles on a charge, but upgrading to the ‘40’ version raises this figure to 315 miles. The all-wheel-drive ‘50’ model uses the same battery as the ‘40’ but offers much faster acceleration, trimming total range to 300 miles.

S Tronic is Audi’s brand name for its automatic gearboxes. So, if you see an Audi advertised with S Tronic, it’ll be fully auto and shift the gears for you.

quattro – yep, with a lower-case ‘q’ – is Audi’s name for its legendary all-wheel-drive system. The name actually describes several different AWD systems, but all you need to know is they all offer excellent grip, even in the worst weather conditions, without the large mpg penalty older all-wheel-drive vehicles suffered from.

Audi offers some of its cars as a Black Edition. This package is aimed at making your Audi look a little more menacing by swapping out some of the chrome exterior trim for black items. You’ll notice this on the front grille surround and window trims, along with fitting black side mirrors in place of the standard body-coloured ones.

Audi Connect is the company’s catch-all term for its connected vehicle services, which you can interact with using the associated Audi Connect app on your smartphone. The basic package comes free on models that offer Audi Connect and includes functions such as remote locking, maintenance planning and the ability to make calls to emergency services. You can pay for extra services such as Amazon Alexa, Google Earth and live traffic data, along with the option to add an on-board mobile hotspot.

MMI is simply Audi’s brand name for its infotainment system, standing for Multimedia Interface. It offers all the functions you’d expect from a modern system including sat-nav directions, multimedia playback and live services such as music streaming and live traffic information.