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Hire Purchase (HP) Car Finance

Hire Purchase (HP) car finance is an ideal option for car buyers if you want to own the car at the end of the agreement and doesn’t include a big optional final payment like Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) finance.

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What is Hire Purchase (HP) finance?

Hire Purchase (HP) car finance is a way of buying a car by paying for it in monthly instalments over a fixed period. Hire Purchase splits the car’s cost across a series of monthly repayments, usually between three and five years. Most buyers opt to pay a deposit upfront – the more you pay at the start, the cheaper your monthly payments will be and the less interest you’ll pay overall.

The monthly payments for a car on HP finance will be higher than the same car on Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) but, without the balloon payment at the end, HP’s total cost will almost certainly be lower than PCP for buyers that want to own the car. That’s because you’re paying the whole cost of the car – on PCP you’re simply paying the difference between what the car is worth now and what it’ll be worth in several years’ time.

Why choose Hire Purchase finance?

Hire Purchase is the best choice if you want to own the car outright at the end of your finance agreement. You put down an optional deposit and then pay off the remaining cost of the car, broken down into monthly payments.

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What are the benefits of buying a car on HP?

Own the car outright at the end of the agreement. This means you can continue to run it for many more years, with only running costs and depreciation to worry about. You could also sell the car once it’s paid off for its market value, using whatever money you get to put towards your next finance agreement.

No mileage limits. You can put as many miles on the car as you wish. As such, there aren’t any excess mileage charges at the end of the agreement, and no charges based on the car’s condition, either.

Choose from a wider selection of cars. PCP finance is usually only offered on cars that are new or only a few years old. If you don’t mind looking at slightly older cars, HP is the type of finance you’ll usually be offered. So, say your monthly budget is £200 per month – that might buy you a supermini on PCP or a slightly older but bigger car on HP.

Who is HP good for?

In general, HP finance might be a better choice for buyers who are looking at owning their vehicle over a longer period. If you want to change your car more regularly, you might be better off looking at PCP finance.

It’s also the best choice if you’d rather not have a big balloon payment hanging over your head, as you do on PCP. While this payment is optional and you can simply hand the car back at the end of a PCP, some buyers may prefer not to worry about it.

High-mileage drivers might also prefer HP, as there’s no mileage cap to worry about.

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Considerations when choosing HP

One potential disadvantage for HP buyers is that they’ll probably own the vehicle well beyond the manufacturer’s warranty period, meaning they’ll be responsible for any unexpected repair costs that crop up later in the car’s life. PCP buyers, however, often remain within the warranty window, isolating themselves from most unexpected repair bills.

Of course, with the higher monthly payments on HP versus PCP, you need to make sure you can afford the cost for the duration of your agreement.

Not sure about HP? Take a look at PCP car finance, which is one of the most common ways to finance a car purchase.

How does HP car finance work at Motorpoint?

  • Find your perfect car – pick from a wide choice of nearly new and used cars on our website
  • Personalise your HP agreement – choose the amount of deposit you want to pay and the duration of your agreement (typically three to five years), and check you’re happy with the monthly repayments
  • Start your HP agreement – pay deposit and start your monthly repayments to settle the balance of your HP agreement
  • Own the car – once you have made your final monthly payment you will own the car outright

Your Hire Purchase (HP) car finance questions answered

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