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Before Colin McRae slithered onto the scene, Subarus were known as rugged four-wheel drive vehicles driven by switched-on farmers and landed gentry with more chimneys than cash. Then Mr McRae dramatically won the 1995 World Rally Championship in an Impreza and suddenly Subarus were exciting, lauded for their turbocharged ‘boxer’ engines (pistons move back and forth towards each other like boxers’ fists, not up and down like most cars) four-wheel drive grip and incredible value for money. They still are.

The Impreza era might now be long over, but the Japanese company’s sporting pedigree lives on in the exceptional BRZ sports car (a rear-wheel drive bundle of fun developed in tandem with the Toyota GT86, and powered by the iconic flat-four ‘boxer’ engine). But mostly Subarus continue to be all about the all-wheel drive.

In hindsight Subaru was way ahead of the curve with the technology, and the foundations it laid down with four driven wheels have proved a natural fit for its increasingly popular crossovers and SUVs. They include the XV, a compact crossover that scooped 4x4 Magazine’s 4x4 of the Year award, the iconic Forester, a no-nonsense SUV that’s perfect for outdoorsy types, and the Outback, a family estate boasting a heavy side order of SUV attitude. Even Subaru’s Levorg family estate has a flat-four turbo engine and all-wheel drive, wrapping that rally-winning technology and SUV versatility in a spacious, safe and stylish body.

Perhaps the biggest difference today versus Subarus of old is fuel efficiency. Back then, Subarus and mpg were like chalk and cheese, but now hybrid ‘e-boxer’ technology gives the best of both worlds – lots of punch when you want it, but the ability to save fuel when you don’t.

It all adds up to a compelling alternative to the more obvious choices, so why not have a look at the great range of nearly new Subarus on offer at Motorpoint today?