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What Vauxhall models are there?

Vauxhall vans share parts and engines with Peugeot and Citroen models. As a result, the lineup has the same three sizes available with the smallest model being the Combo.

Next up is the mid-size Vivaro van for bigger tasks, with the largest Movano van sat above that.

Does Vauxhall make an electric van?

Yes, you can get an electric Vauxhall van because the lineup shares these parts with similar models from Peugeot and Citroen. The smallest Combo van is available with the same 50kWh battery pack found in the Vauxhall Corsa Electric and can travel up to 175 miles on a charge. The mid-sized Vivaro features the 50kWh pack as standard, which nets a 143-mile range, or you can select a larger 75kWh pack to stretch this to 205 miles. The larger Movano only comes with the 75kWh pack, which returns a 154-mile range.

Can I get finance on a used Vauxhall with Motorpoint?

If you like the look of a Vauxhall van, Motorpoint can arrange flexible hire purchase (HP) finance for up to five years to let you spread the cost out. Give us a call on 01332 227 227 or visit us in-store to get a personalised finance quote.

Vauxhall vans FAQs

The Combo is the smallest model in the Vauxhall van lineup and, as such, uses the least fuel. Entry-level Combos use a 100hp 1.5-litre diesel engine that returns 52.3mpg or you can trade up to the more powerful 130hp version, with economy falling to 44.1mpg. An automatic gearbox is offered on the more powerful engine and actually improves average economy, lifting it to 48.7mpg.

For the Vivaro, you get a choice of 1.5-litre diesel engines with 100 or 120hp, and a larger 2.0-litre unit with 145hp. In manual form, all of these engines return around 42mpg or you can pair the most powerful version with an automatic gearbox, with economy falling to around 38mpg.

Movano vans up to around 2021 came with a 2.3-litre diesel engine in 130,135 and 150hp forms, with fuel economy hovering between 29 and 32mpg. From 2022 onwards, a new 2.2-litre diesel engine was introduced with 120, 140 or 165hp – this saw average economy improve for all versions, rising to around 40mpg.

Only the two smaller Vauxhall vans have current safety ratings from Euro NCAP. The Combo scored a four-star rating in 2018 with reasonably good protection for occupants, only really lagging in pedestrian protection. The Vivaro earned a three-star rating back in 2015, losing some points for driver protection in the event of a crash. Currently, the largest Movano van doesn’t have a safety rating but can be equipped with several active safety features such as lane-departure warning and automatic emergency braking.

There are three different Vauxhall vans and they all come in a selection of different forms. The Combo is available as a panel van in two different lengths – L1 and L2 – with the latter also having the option to be equipped as a crew van with a second row of seats.

Moving up to the Vivaro, you get a choice of L1 and L2 lengths, and the L2 can also be sold in H1 or H2 heights, with the latter offering a taller load area. There’s also the choice between a conventional Vivaro panel van or a doublecab crew vehicle with a second row of seats. Meanwhile, the Movano comes only as a panel van in H2 height, with a choice of either L2 or L3 lengths.

The Combo measures in at around 4.4 metres long or a little less than 4.8 for the L2 version. That equates to a load area that’s a little over 1.2 metres tall and a little less than 1.8 metres long, or more than 2.1 metres for the L2 model.

The larger Vivaro is a little less than five metres long in L1 form, with a load area that’s around 1.4 metres tall and 2.5 metres long. The L2 version stretches out to 5.3 metres long, with the load area now a little less than 2.9 metres in length.

Finally, the smallest L2 Movano is 5.4 metres long, which gets you a load area that’s a little more than 1.9 metres tall and 2.9 metres long. Jumping over to the L3 Movano increases the overall length to a hair under six metres long, with the load area length growing to 3.7 metres.

Vauxhall vans should be reliable thanks to the fact that most parts and engines are widely shared across other vans from Peugeot, Citroen and Fiat. Vauxhall introduced two-year service intervals for its vans around a decade ago, which suggests the company expects these models to prove reasonably durable in use.