7 day exchange guarantee

Find out about Motorpoint's 7 day exchange guarantee

What is the Motorpoint 7 day exchange guarantee?

Every car we sell from our stores is covered by our 7 day exchange guarantee. This means that you can exchange your car for another one if you're not happy with it – giving you extra peace of mind. 

If you want to exchange your car, simply let our award-winning customer care team know and return your car to us before the end of your seventh day of ownership. For example, if you bought your car on a Sunday, you would have until the following Saturday to let us know and return it to your local Motorpoint store.

7 day exchange FAQs

What if the car I want to exchange for costs more or less than my current car?

If you want to exchange for a more expensive car, our in-store teams will be able to take payment to cover the difference, or they can help you arrange a new finance agreement. 

Want to exchange for a less expensive car? We'll refund you the difference if you paid for the car outright. If you paid using HP or PCP finance, our team can help set up a new finance agreement to reduce your monthly payments.

Does the 7 day exchange guarantee apply to vans?

The 7 day exchange guarantee only applies to cars and doesn't cover commercial vehicle sales.

What if I used the Motorpoint Home Delivery service?

Home delivery orders are covered by our 14 day money back guarantee.

Can I exchange my new car for the one I originally part exchanged?

No – you can only exchange for a car from our stock.

How many times can I exchange my car?

The 7 day exchange guarantee is limited to one exchange per customer.

How far can I drive my new car before I exchange it?

If the vehicle you're exchanging has travelled more than 200 miles since you bought it (as noted in the order documents), we will charge you an excess of 50 pence per mile for each mile after the first 200 miles. This amount will be deducted from the amount we refund to you, or added to any additional payments we need to take from you.

For example, if you drove your car 350 miles after buying it from Motorpoint, then decided you wanted to exchange it, you will be charged for 150 excess miles, equating to £75. You will not be charged for any miles covered between your home and the Motorpoint store you're returning the car to.

For more information, take a look at our showroom terms and conditions.