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Mercedes SUV and car model range explained

Want to know your A-Class from your EQS? We guide you through Mercedes’ extensive model lineup

Have you ever stopped to think about how many different vehicles have a Mercedes badge on them? Among the car range there’s everything from compact hatchbacks to opulent limousines and even people carriers, while there are also Mercedes vans, trucks and buses.

We’ll focus on the car and SUV range here – this article’s already pretty lengthy as it is! It’s pretty remarkable that, whichever Mercedes you buy, you still get engineering excellence and a luxurious interior with the latest tech on board. So, shall we get started?

Mercedes SUV range explained

Mercedes GLA

White Mercedes GLA driving

Based on the A-Class, the GLA offers similar hatchback styling but with more space and a higher ride height. Mercedes’ smallest SUV offers all the same engines as the A-Class – including a plug-in hybrid and raging AMG models – but four-wheel drive is more widely available, as you might expect from an SUV. The 485-litre boot makes it a really useful family car.

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Mercedes GLB

Mercedes GLB driving

The GLB is only marginally bigger than the GLA, but it squeezes seven seats into its compact, boxy body. Even though the rearmost seats are best left for children or occasional use, they’re a handy addition nonetheless. The GLB balances practicality and plushness in a way that few cars can.

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Mercedes GLC

Mercedes GLC driving

Mercedes’ best-selling model worldwide is its midsize SUV, the GLC. It’s certainly not lacking in space and features, so it’s perfect for the family or the couple who like the finer things in life. Leather upholstery is easy to clean after Sundays spent on muddy sports pitches. Every GLC in the UK is four-wheel drive, giving you all-weather confidence.

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Mercedes GLC Coupe

Mercedes GLC Coupe driving

Whereas the GLB is a more practical version of the GLA, the GLC Coupe is a less practical version of the GLC. The swoopy-styled GLC Coupe gives you the versatility and commanding driving position of an SUV with a sleeker roofline that you might say is more stylish. You still get a very decent boot – although obviously there’s not as much cargo space as the regular GLC above the parcel shelf.

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Mercedes GLE

Mercedes GLE driving

The BMW X5-rivalling GLE is like a GLC but a size bigger. It’s packed with screens and has an even bigger boot, yet it’s still available with fantastic engines including a diesel-powered plug-in hybrid and a 612hp AMG range-topper – which is one of the fastest SUVs you can buy, despite the heft and size of the GLE.

Mercedes GLE Coupe

Mercedes GLE Coupe driving

As with the GLC Coupe, the GLE Coupe is a fastback version of the GLE SUV. It looks very similar to the GLC Coupe but, again, it’s bigger, costlier and more exclusive.

Mercedes GLS

Mercedes GLS driving

Mercedes’ flagship SUV is the GLS – a big bruiser that seats seven in opulent comfort. It’s the ultimate in utility and presence, and is like an S-Class for buyers who need extra practicality, or the status attached to having the biggest and flashiest Merc. There’s even a Maybach version that can be optioned up to double the price of the standard GLS – itself not a cheap car at almost £110,000.

Mercedes G-Class

Mercedes G-Class driving

The classic G-Wagen, reimagined for the modern age. The G-Class started its life as a rugged, utilitarian off-roader and has morphed into a loud, brash status symbol. It’s one of the most recognisable cars on the road.

Mercedes hatchback range explained

Mercedes A-Class

Mercedes A-Class driving

The Mercedes A-Class is the baby of the range, and is the cheapest way into driving a Mercedes. But, even on the A-Class, you get luxury trimmings and a high-end infotainment system – which launched on the A-Class before even the S-Class! It’s one of Britain’s best-selling cars, is affordable on PCP finance, and has economical, sensible engines – unless you go for the hot AMG models, of course. Thousands of UK buyers can’t be wrong so, if you’re after a compact car with a touch of posh, the A-Class is where it’s at.

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Mercedes saloon range explained

Mercedes A-Class Saloon

Mercedes A-Class saloon driving

As the name suggests, the A-Class Saloon simply offers everything the A-Class hatchback does but in a different body style. The A-Class Saloon looks every bit the junior executive car, and has a bigger boot than the hatchback – although a smaller boot opening. Almost every engine that’s available on the hatchback is also available on the saloon.

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Mercedes CLA

Mercedes CLA driving

The CLA is one of a number of Mercedes cars that share their underpinnings with the A-Class, so does that make the CLA an A-Class saloon as well? Er, yes, but the CLA is longer and more rakish – more a four-door coupe than a conventional saloon. It’s undeniably stylish, although the sloping roofline does slightly impact rear-seat space.

Shop used Mercedes CLA cars for sale or read our Mercedes CLA review

Mercedes C-Class

Mercedes C-Class driving

This is Mercedes’ classic saloon, if you like. The C-Class, along with its BMW 3 Series and Audi A4 rivals, has held up the executive car market for decades – it’s still a common sight on the motorway. It’s built to be big enough for four adults to sit in comfort, and boasts all the tech to take the stress out of long journeys.

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Mercedes E-Class

Mercedes E-Class

The E-Class is Mercedes’ bigger exec express, and exudes a more senior feel than the C-Class. Not that the E-Class feels old-fashioned – far from it, as Mercedes has continually kept its 5 Series rival up to date and on the cutting edge of automotive technology. In many ways, it’s a mini S-Class and feels very nearly as luxurious.

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Mercedes CLS

Mercedes CLS driving side view

Underneath, the CLS and the E-Class are pretty much identical – but there’s a vast difference in the bodywork above. Like the CLA, the CLS is sleeker and more coupe-ish than the car it’s based on. If you want a big, fancy cruiser for long journeys but don’t want the traditional three-box shape of a saloon car, the CLS is ideal.

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Mercedes S-Class

Mercedes S-Class driving

An icon of the motoring landscape, the Mercedes S-Class is the gold standard of luxury limousines. It’s astonishingly high-tech and wonderfully comfortable. Set your destination (i.e. tell your chauffeur where you need to be), relax back and you’ll arrive refreshed and content.

Mercedes estate car range explained

Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake

Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake driving

This isn’t just an estate, y’know. It’s a ‘Shooting Brake’. Mmhmm. Essentially, an estate car that puts style on a higher billing than boot space. Indeed, the CLA Shooting Brake is very stylish. Think of it as an A-Class estate and it offers up enough practicality, too. There’s more headroom in the rear seats than in the CLA coupe, and a bigger boot with a more usable opening, too.

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Mercedes C-Class Estate

Mercedes C-Class Estate driving

The C-Class Estate might play second fiddle to the GLC these days, but it’s still a great choice if you’re a family buyer or have lots of hobby gear to transport. It’s just as premium as the saloon, just as comfortable, but with a bigger boot. There really are few drawbacks to the C-Class Estate.

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Mercedes E-Class Estate

Mercedes E-Class Estate driving

With one of the biggest boots of any estate car on sale, the Mercedes E-Class is a 10/10 choice for carrying loads of luggage or labradors. In fact, the E-Class Estate boasts a whole 150 litres more than the C-Class estate – or, to put it another way, that’s 300 or so pints of finest German beer more than the C-Class.

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Mercedes coupe and convertible range explained

Mercedes C-Class Coupe/Convertible

Mercedes C-Class Coupe driving

All the comfort and long-distance ability of the C-Class saloon, but with less of a focus on rear-seat space. The C-Class Coupe and Convertible are arguably more stylish than the saloon or estate, but still offer the decent running costs and premium appeal you get in the other versions.

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Mercedes E-Class Coupe/Convertible

Mercedes E-Class Coupe driving

A larger model than the C-Class, the E-Class Coupe and its Convertible sibling are better if you need to carry four adults occasionally. It’s also more expensive and a bit costlier to run, but it feels even more exclusive than the C-Class.

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Mercedes CLE coupe/convertible

Mercedes CLE driving

Mercedes has now combined its C-Class and E-Class models into one sleek offering – the CLE. It’s probably more E-Class than C-Class, as it’s closer to the E-Class coupe in terms of both price and size – but with the interior design from the latest C-Class.

Mercedes SLC

Mercedes SLC driving

Now only available as a used model, the Mercedes SLC is a two-seat roadster that used to be called the SLK. It’s Mercedes’ junior sports car, although it still focuses on refinement rather than cat-like reactions. If you’re looking for a Mercedes badge and top-down driving, the SLC is probably going to be one of the most affordable options.

Mercedes SL

Mercedes SL driving

The SL combines top-rung Mercedes luxuriousness with wind-in-your-hair thrills and alluringly beefy engines. The very latest SL has essentially replaced the old S-Class convertible and the old AMG GT convertible in one fell swoop, in theory giving you the best of both worlds – opulence and driving dynamics.

Mercedes-AMG GT

Mercedes-AMG GT driving

The Mercedes-AMG GT coupe straddles the line between sports car and supercar, and the stats certainly impress. Top-level AMG cars reach 0-62mph in just 3.2 seconds, on the way to a 193mph top speed.

Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door

Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door driving

More power, more doors, more more more. The AMG GT 4-door is a niche offering with a long name, but more than that it’s a real sledgehammer of a car. There’s even a plug-in hybrid, although it’s clear its main priority isn’t efficiency when it has over 800hp and an eight-mile electric range.

Mercedes MPV range explained

Mercedes B-Class

Mercedes B-Class driving

Back to more sensible grounds. The B-Class is essentially an A-Class made a bit bigger and a bit taller, and it’s more versatile as a result. It’s not quite a fully fledged people carrier, like a Volkswagen Touran, but it provides useful extra interior and storage space over a typical compact hatch like an A-Class.

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Mercedes V-Class

Mercedes V-Class driving

The vehicle of choice for transporting celebrities and high-ranking politicians, the Mercedes V-Class is typically used for chauffeur duties or long-haul airport transfers. It’s seriously plush inside and has the space of a big van, so it’s probably the closest you’ll get to a private jet experience on the M1. There’s also a camper version called the Marco Polo.

Mercedes electric car and SUV range explained

Mercedes EQA

Mercedes EQA driving

Mercedes’ electric range gets its own exclusive styling with a blanked off grille and tweaked light units. The EQA is essentially an electric GLA, albeit with a smaller boot as a result of squeezing in a big block of batteries. The good thing is that those big batteries enable at least a 260-mile range, regardless of whether you get an EQA with four-wheel drive or not.

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Mercedes EQB

Mercedes EQB driving

Seven-seat electric SUVs are hard to come by. Compared to high-price alternatives like the Volvo EX90 and Kia EV9, the Mercedes EQB looks like excellent value – especially if you buy one second-hand. With the same ‘leccy bits as the EQA, the EQB offers up to 250 miles of juice from a full battery.

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Mercedes EQC

Mercedes EQC driving

The EQC was one of Mercedes’ first production EVs. It has a high-end design and a huge amount of street presence, making it look even more expensive than it actually is. With over 400hp from its two electric motors, the EQC offers sports-car pace – although its main focus is to be cosseting and confident on a long drive.

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Mercedes EQE saloon

Mercedes EQE saloon driving

The Mercedes EQE is an electric alternative to an E-Class, although it looks nothing like that car – and it’s much more expensive, too. Its swoopy shape is to maximise efficiency, and it works – the EQE saloon offers almost 400 miles between charges. Read our guide to the electric cars with the longest range for more info.

Mercedes EQE SUV

Mercedes EQE SUV driving

Mercedes’ naming structure means all its electric cars have the EQ badge, but that means the electric GLE-sized SUV has to be called the EQE SUV. As you might expect, all the bits you can’t see are shared with the EQE saloon, and it still offers a very decent amount of range – even with a bigger, less aerodynamic body.

Mercedes EQS saloon

Mercedes EQS saloon driving

The EQS is bigger than the EQE saloon, but they look so similar that you might only spot the differences when they’re parked side-by-side. Luckily both also have a badge on the side to tell you which is which. The EQS is Mercedes’ flagship electric car and costs significantly more than the EQE, but the two cars look and feel similar enough that the majority of luxury saloon buyers will be happy with the EQE.

Mercedes EQS SUV

Mercedes EQS SUV

Same story with the EQS SUV which, at first glance, looks almost identical to the EQE SUV but costs a pretty eye-watering amount of money. Ultra luxurious, very practical but perhaps could look a bit more special.

Mercedes EQV

Mercedes EQV driving

Thankfully, we’re now at the end. The EQV is an electric version of Mercedes’ V-Class VIP mover. It’s arguably even more luxurious because of its silent electric powertrain, although the diesel V-Class is still going to be the better choice for regular long journeys.

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