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FORD KUGA Car Review

A solid, all round SUV

Ford are going big on SUVs and the Kuga sits in-between the EcoSport and the new Edge as a midsized model.

It is one of the better looking SUVs with smart well-rounded proportions and it shares the corporate Ford grille and headlights at the front.

The Kuga also scores highly for the driving package and handles more like a family hatchback than an SUV. Ford have a deserved reputation for producing some of the best handling and steering mainstream models and the Kuga keeps up that tradition.

There is a 1.5 litre Ecoboost petrol engine and different power versions of a 2 litre diesel. I'd go for the latter every time because it’s better in every way from performance to between 45 and just over 50 mpg.

The diesel will cost between £110 and £145 in road tax depending on the power band, while the petrol is £145 in tax and mpg falls to between 40 and 45 mpg.

The inside is well-equipped with top end Titanium models getting everything from cruise control and reversing sensors to air con, Bluetooth connectivity and leather seats. The Zetec models mind you are well finished with smart fabric seats. You also get plenty of passenger head and legroom and the rear seats fold completely flat to boost the average 406 litre boot to make you capable of transporting more awkward sized loads.

Like many of its rivals the Kuga is an SUV but not every model gets all-wheel drive. If you prefer that it will cost you extra but if you do get 4x4 it makes then in the Ford Kuga you are getting a very solid allround buy that won't disappoint.

* Drives better than most of its rivals * Economical diesel engines * Smart inside and out *

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Review image Ford Kuga Diesel Estate
Review image Ford Kuga Diesel Estate
Review image Ford Kuga Diesel Estate
Review image Ford Kuga Diesel Estate