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Buying A Ford | What Does All The Terminology Mean?

Buying a Ford – what does all the terminology mean?

What is Ford EcoBoost, Vignale, Powershift and MyKey? We clear up everything you might see when browsing for used Fords for sale

Fords are a popular choice with car buyers. They’re affordable to buy and own, yet still look stylish parked up on your driveway.

We break down all the terminology used by Ford to help you find the perfect trim level to fit your lifestyle.

Ford terminology guide

What is Ford EcoBoost?

Ford EcoBoost is the name given to the brand’s line of turbocharged direct injection petrol engines. Cars including the Fiesta, Puma and Focus use a 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine, while bigger cars like the Kuga use a 1.5-litre version with a bit more power. Ford’s fast models also come with EcoBoost badging, despite a keen focus on performance.

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What is Ford EcoBlue?

Ford's latest diesel engine range takes over from its more traditional TDCi engines. EcoBlue is designed to be cleaner and more fuel efficient than the brand’s previous diesel engines. It uses a number of technologies designed to reduce emissions, including AdBlue – a liquid that needs to be periodically topped up.

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What is Ford MyKey?

Ford MyKey is a system that lets you set a second driver profile on the spare key. Designed to appeal to parents of young drivers, MyKey lets you set a maximum speed limit, radio volume limit and put in a seatbelt reminder warning – which all come into force when that key is used.

What is Ford Sync?

Ford Sync is the name given to its infotainment systems. Most current Fords use a system called Sync 3 – the third-generation version – which includes tile icons for radio, media, phone connectivity, sat nav and so on. Its newest models, such as the Mustang Mach-E, run a new system called Sync 4, which boasts extra connectivity features. Sync 3 and Sync 4 both feature Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, if you want to use your phone’s apps through the car’s touchscreen.

What is FordPass?

FordPass is a smartphone app for Apple and Android phones that’s free to download. It’s designed to make the ownership experience a bit easier, with a security alert function, the ability to find your car in an unfamiliar car park and much more. You can book servicing and arrange roadside assistance if needed. Selected cars also let you lock the car or start the car remotely from your phone.

Drivers of electric and plug-in hybrid Fords can also use the FordPass app to find local charging stations, check your car’s remaining range, pay for and schedule charging.

The FordPass app can also be used to send a sat nav route from your phone to the car – meaning the sat nav is all set up when you get in. The app can also provide live traffic and local hazard information.

What is the Ford Vignale range?

Ford Vignale is a luxury trim level on selected models, which the American carmaker hopes customers will cross-shop against an Audi or BMW. Typically, it includes a model-specific chromed grille, leather interior trimmings and a range-topping equipment list. Until recently, Vignale was a standalone trim level for cars like the Fiesta, Focus, Mondeo and Kuga, but now it can be combined with ST-Line or Active trims if you want sporty or rugged looks coupled with a lengthy list of standard features.

Other Ford terminology explained

  • AWD – All-Wheel Drive provides a little more grip in wet and cold conditions, and is typically available with selected engines on the brand’s larger cars
  • B&O – an upgraded sound system from Bang & Olufsen
  • CVT – Continuously Variable Transmission, a type of automatic gearbox used on Ford’s hybrid models. It doesn’t have any gears as such, and should create a smooth driving experience
  • DCT – Dual Clutch Transmission, a different type of automatic gearbox that has a set number of gears. You might also see this type of gearbox referred to as Ford PowerShift
  • FHEV – Full Hybrid Electric Vehicle. You might see this on recent Kuga, Galaxy and S-Max models, and these cars use a petrol engine with a reasonably sized battery and electric motor. They don’t need to be plugged in but offer small amounts of electric-only driving
  • mHEV – mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle. Some of Ford’s recent petrol and diesel engines are badged mHEV, meaning a small battery assists the fuel-powered engine to slightly reduce fuel consumption and emissions. The system isn’t powerful enough to offer any real zero-emission driving, however
  • Performance Pack – a pack that’s available on the more high-performance models that Ford produces, for example the Focus ST. Features typically include launch control for quick getaways and a limited-slip differential for improved cornering
  • PHEV – Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle, currently only available on the Kuga. This type of hybrid pairs an engine with a larger battery and a more powerful electric motor than mHEV and FHEV engines, allowing you to drive decent distances on battery power alone. When used as intended, PHEVs can dramatically reduce your fuel costs

Ford trim levels explained

Zetec and Trend are entry-level versions that are fairly well equipped, with features like a heated windscreen, phone connectivity, air conditioning and cloth trim. Previously, Style or Studio were offered on certain models as sparse base-spec trim levels.

Titanium is a mid-range trim level with chrome window trim, parking sensors and cruise control, among other features. Titanium X adds equipment like heated seats and keyless entry.

ST-Line is Ford’s sporty-looking trim, with stylised body kits and red stitching, while ST-Line X combines the sporty looks with bigger wheels and extra equipment.

Active and Active X bring some SUV style to selected models, with raised ride height and chunky body cladding like you’d get on a 4x4.

Vignale is a trim level focused on luxury trimmings and high-end features.

Ready to step into your nearly new Ford?

We have a great choice of nearly new Fords available, whether you’re looking to buy your first car or after a model that will accommodate your growing family.

Browse our choice of models online, or visit your nearest Motorpoint store to have a look around in person and take one out for a test drive.