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Volkswagen SUV and car model range explained

Confused between the Taigo, Tiguan and Touareg? Our Volkswagen SUV and car range comparison and model guide will help you work out which is which

Volkswagen is one of the world’s biggest carmakers, and has one of the most exhaustive lineups of cars and SUVs of any manufacturer. Every VW treads the line between mainstream and premium, and offers usually excellent build quality and lots of driver assistance tech.

But with such a wide range of cars and SUVs to choose from, it can be confusing to work out which is the VW for you. You’re not alone, so we’ve produced this handy cut-out-and-keep guide to tell your Taigo from your T-Cross.

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Volkswagen hatchback range explained

Volkswagen Up

The Up is a happy little car that was on sale for a decade. Despite being just 3.6 metres long, there’s space for four adults and a deep boot that’ll hold a surprising amount of stuff. It’s fun to drive and costs peanuts to run, and still feels like a big car on the motorway. You don’t get a touchscreen but there’s a phone holder, and there’s a choice of normal petrol models, a warmed up (sorry) GTI and even an e-Up electric model.

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Volkswagen Polo

A perennial Ford Fiesta rival, the Volkswagen Polo offers a classy, mature driving experience and that small car stance/ big car feel that Volkswagen instils into all of its expensive models. Whether you’re after cheap insurance, a bangin’ sound system, motorway manners or space for you and your mates, the Polo delivers.

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Volkswagen Golf

After 50 years of being ever-present on our streets, the Volkswagen Golf has become the family hatchback benchmark. And, despite an increasing number of rivals – many buyers are turning to SUVs – the Golf is still a compelling choice. Whether you’re on the motorway or a single-lane country road, the Golf is quiet, nimble and assured. Interior quality and practicality are both good, and there are so many engine and trim level choices that you won’t struggle to find one to suit you.

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Volkswagen SUV range explained

Volkswagen T-Cross

The smallest of Volkswagen’s SUV models packs a lot into its compact dimensions, thanks to its chunky styling – which also gives the T-Cross a welcome mini-off-roader vibe. The T-Cross won’t take you very far off the asphalt, though, as it’s a Polo underneath. Given how brilliant the Polo is, the T-Cross is immediately worth considering – especially as it also nets you a higher seating position and a bigger boot than the Polo.

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Volkswagen Taigo

Next up is the Taigo, which is shoehorned into the gap in price between the T-Cross and T-Roc. It’s actually a whisker longer than the T-Roc thanks to its coupe-like sloping roof, but it still uses Polo parts. That means you get a choice of 1.0 and 1.5-litre petrol engines, as well as automatic and manual gearbox options – just like all the other smallish VWs. The Taigo’s practicality impresses; its 440-litre boot is one of the biggest in its class.

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Volkswagen T-Roc

So called because it’s “as happy on ‘rocky’ trails as tarmac”, the T-Roc has been a popular addition to VW’s ever-expanding lineup. The explanation of its name is partly true – the T-Roc is the smallest and cheapest VW SUV to come with four-wheel drive, although the vast majority are front-wheel drive with small petrol engines – just like a Golf or a Polo. It’s also available with diesel power or as a rapid 300hp T-Roc R – essentially a Golf R for those who need a higher seating position. There’s even a zany convertible version of the T-Roc!

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Volkswagen Tiguan

Probably the most familiar option in the VW SUV range, the Volkswagen Tiguan is the obvious next step if you’ve outgrown a Golf. It’s one of the most practical family SUVs, and it has a similarly wide choice of engines and options to the Golf, to suit all budgets and lifestyles. Whether you buy an entry-level petrol, a mile-munching diesel, a flexible plug-in hybrid or a capable 4x4, you’re guaranteed excellent build quality and plenty of driver assistance technology.

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Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace

A seven-seat version of the Tiguan, giving you the extra versatility of two fold-down rear seats for occasional use or a larger boot with them folded away. The only downside is that it's not as common as the five-seat Tiguan. Oh, and that VW definitely missed a trick by not calling it the Biguan.

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Volkswagen Touareg

The Volkswagen Touareg is a bit like supermarket champagne – it’s still luxurious but you’re not paying extra for a luxury brand. It even looks like good value for money when you consider the Touareg’s oily bits are also used to some degree in the Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne, Bentley Bentayga and Lamborghini Urus. The Touareg is a massive five-seater with hectares of passenger room and acres of boot space, as well as enough tech to send you to space and engines powerful enough to probably be able to get you there.

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Volkswagen saloon and estate range explained

Volkswagen Golf Estate

A big-bottomed version of the Golf hatchback, with all the same qualities plus a much, much larger boot. Over 50% larger than the hatch’s boot, in actual fact. While you can’t get the estate body with the GTE or GTI engines, you can get the raging Golf R as a tenaciously fast dog wagon.

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Volkswagen Passat

The Volkswagen Passat has always been a hit with company car drivers and family buyers alike, thanks to its sturdy build quality and quality image. Its styling and driving experience has always played it safe, but its long list of attributes means it’ll certainly keep the sensible bits of your brain happy. The latest Passat is only available as an estate, but used buyers have their pick of saloons and estates.

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Volkswagen Arteon

VW Arteon silver driving image

Think of the Arteon as a Passat with its evening frock on – it’s the car you’ve always wanted if you’ve been after a Passat with a bit more style. The Arteon also gains a long hatchback tailgate, which is a bit more versatile than the Passat’s saloon opening – although the tables are turned with the estate, as the sleek Arteon Shooting Brake isn’t quite as loadable as the Passat Estate.

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Volkswagen MPV range explained

Volkswagen Touran

Maybe you’ve forgotten that the VW Touran exists, but it’s still on sale for practicality-conscious buyers. Its upright body hides a seriously versatile cabin – there are seven seats, and all but the driver’s seat come with Isofix points. The Touran’s family credentials are clear, and there’s even a dedicated SE Family trim level that includes a sunroof, window blinds and even an intercom so you don’t have to raise your voice to get your kids to listen.

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Volkswagen Multivan

Volkswagen Multivan driving

If you need tonnes of space, the Volkswagen Multivan lets you take seven people and a lot of stuff at the same time. The shape of a van is good for carrying things, y’see. But the Multivan is based on the Golf, so it drives like a car not a van. And it’s available with a two-tone paint job and a 200hp petrol engine, if you so wish.

Volkswagen ID. electric car range explained

Volkswagen ID.2

VW ID.2 concept

The VW ID.2 is a glimpse into a future small electric VW. Likely to launch in 2026, the ID.2 is a Polo-sized car with an expected range of around 250 miles – and Polo GTI-rivalling power. Prices could start at under £25,000.

Volkswagen ID.3

A Golf for the electric age: the Volkswagen ID.3 has a big job on its bonnet to convert Golf fans to a battery and motor. Luckily, the ID.3 is very high-tech and its powertrains are impressive. Top-spec cars can cover almost 350 miles on a charge, while most offer the acceleration to give the Golf GTI the shivers. Lots of equipment is fitted as standard, and used ID.3s are now pretty good value.

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Volkswagen ID.4

VW ID.4 driving

The first of the electric VW SUV models is the ID.4. As is the case with the brand’s petrol-powered SUVs, the ID.4 uses the same mechanicals as the ID.3 but with a bigger, more practical body. With a good range figure and a comfortable driving experience, the ID.4 isn’t afraid of a long journey.

Volkswagen ID.5

Volkswagen ID.5 GTX driving

A coupe version of the ID.4, with a little bit of practicality exchanged for a bit more style. However, the ID.5 still feels big and heavy from behind the wheel, and its performance GTX version doesn’t offer the same thrills as GTI and R-badged VWs.

Volkswagen ID.7

VW ID.7 header image driving

Volkswagen’s Tesla Model 3 killer, or so it hopes. The ID.7 is a long, low saloon that’s really efficient, and the upshot is a maximum claimed range of 435 miles as it slips through the air like an eel slips through a pond. It’s VW’s newest electric car at the time of writing, and boasts an upgraded infotainment system that largely fixes our irritations with other ID models.

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Volkswagen ID. Buzz

Yellow-and-white VW ID. Buzz driving

Like a bumblebee to a flower, the VW ID. Buzz is a welcome sight – and you’ll almost certainly spot it. It’s a practical family hauler that boasts a decent range and oodles of tech, and you probably won’t mind that it misses out on the absolute versatility of, say, the Touran.

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