Used Volkswagen Golf GTI cars for sale

The Golf GTI defines the heritage of the hot hatch era. Now on its 7th generation, every inch of the current GTI channels four decades of refinement in performance, quality and comfort. Generous space in the interior cabin makes the GTI the ideal family hatchback, or step into performance cars. 

First seen in 1974 it was clear the market needed the 'Hot Hatch,' a term coined to describe small hatchbacks known for their power and handling improvements over standard models. The original, undeterred Hot Hatch being the Golf GTI - the ideal all rounder, a family car Monday to Friday with the power, handling and pure visceral fun for the spirited weekend drive. The next 45 years saw vast improvements in the iconic hatchback culminating in the 7th generation we see today. Iconic, sharp styling and seamless design have culminated in a host of awards for the latest 7th Generation Golf.