Used Peugeot 2008 cars for sale

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There are 2 trims of 2008 manufactured by Peugeot in our current stock

Our stock of used Peugeot 2008 come in a range of gearbox and fuel type options and are currently located at the below sites

Fuel Type

Sharing a framework with the smaller 208, the latest generation 2008 offers SUV crossover styling and ride height without the added size of competitors. Thanks to this, it still manages to offer a dynamic driving experience along with added practicality thanks to its exaggerated proportions. 

A pair of high quality roof rails and increased ride height act as key signifiers that the 2008 isn't your average crossover and instead a more comfortable, more usable car that suits both family buyers along with those looking for a car with an abundance of character. 

As expected, the 2008 can be selected with either Petrol or Diesel engines and offer either 5 or 6 speed gearboxes to allow the driving experience to be optimised based on individual requirements.