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The small car that is hard to beat

Finding a car name that stands out is not easy but VW picked a winner when they came up with Polo.

The catchy name seemed the perfect fit for a supermini and even though the Polo is Volkswagen’s small car it has all the quality you expect from the badge. People expect that little bit more from a VW and that’s exactly what you get from the Polo. As an all-round small cars, it’s hard to beat.

The VW Polo has a premium look and feel to it with the eye-catching corporate VW grille and headlights it shares with its big brothers. On the inside, it’s a class act with the best quality materials and trim of any supermini.

Volkswagen know how to deliver a cabin that oozes class but in a simple and unfussy way, plus you get the interior space you used to expect in a Golf a few years ago. And when you drive a VW Polo it actually feels like a car from the sector above, it's so refined, it’s just like driving a scaled down Golf, and that’s a serious compliment.

The  VW Polo actually shares some of the same engines as the Golf, which are famously lively and ultra economical.

*Classy inside and out * Refined ride and good to drive * 

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Review image Volkswagen Polo Diesel Hatchback
Review image Volkswagen Polo Hatchback
Review image Volkswagen Polo Hatchback
Review image Volkswagen Polo Hatchback