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SEAT Ibiza Review

8 / 10
3 November 2023
SEAT Ibiza driving

The SEAT Ibiza is fun, spacious and cheap to run, making it an excellent supermini

What we like:
  • Well equipped
  • Practical for its size
  • Refined on the road
What we don't like:
  • Underpowered entry-level engine
  • Some cheap interior materials
  • Average warranty

Should I buy a SEAT Ibiza?

If you want an excellent supermini that’s a bit bigger and classier than a Ford Fiesta, but more fun than the Volkswagen Polo, the SEAT Ibiza fits your weirdly specific requirements. The Ibiza shares most of its parts with the Polo, but manages to shake off the VW’s achingly sensible feel without losing any of its qualities.

The SEAT is a little more engaging to drive than the Polo, a little cheaper and arguably a little more stylish. This Ibiza has been on sale since 2017, and was facelifted in 2021 with tweaked styling and a repositioned infotainment touchscreen. As the changes aren’t huge, we have no problem recommending a more affordable pre-facelift Ibiza – you’re still getting a smart car with the latest phone connectivity.

Interior and Technology

The Ibiza is a relatively inexpensive car so you can’t expect the material quality of a luxury limousine. There are a few hard plastics dotted around, even in places you’ll touch, but these still feel like they’ll stand up to years of use. FR and Xcellence trims have a soft panel across the width of the dashboard with double stitching, which really lifts the interior ambiance and stops it feeling too cheap.

Every Ibiza gets a touchscreen, which is easy to use thanks to shortcut buttons on each side and quick responses to inputs. Digital dials are also available on high-spec cars and most facelift cars, which helps keep the Ibiza feeling modern and youthful.


The Ibiza definitely makes the most of its space. At just over four metres long, it takes up the same amount of space as a Ford Fiesta, Honda Jazz or Peugeot 208, but has more boot space than all those cars. Its 355-litre cargo area is one of the biggest you can get in a supermini, and is more than enough for an average-sized weekly shop.

All that boot space doesn’t come at the expense of rear legroom, either, as there’s plenty of room for four adults – or five for short journeys. Headroom is pretty good, as is shoulder room. The door pockets are deep and the Isofix points are clearly marked.

Engines and performance

The engine range in the Ibiza looks simple, but the 1.0-litre petrol comes in three different versions, which confuses things a little. Entry-level models go without a turbocharger and have the lowest power output – these offer plenty of zip for driving around town, and cheap insurance, but you might find you’re working the gearbox a lot on faster roads.

Upgrading to the turbocharged TSI versions of the 1.0-litre doesn't hurt fuel economy at all – you might even see an improvement over the non-turbo 1.0 at higher speeds as the engine isn’t working so hard. These turbo petrols, with 95hp or 110hp, are much quicker off the line and are more comfortable cruising at higher speeds.

Driving and comfort

As one of the best-driving superminis, the Ibiza can put a smile on your face on twisty roads. It has direct steering and a near-total lack of body roll, coupled with eager engines and a snicky, precise gearshift. And yet, it’s quiet on the motorway – especially in cars with more than five gears – and stable. In other words, whatever type of road you’re on, the Ibiza feels confident and mature.

Comfort is strong, too, although if this is particularly important, we’d recommend avoiding the largest 18-inch wheels. They make the ride a little firmer than cars with smaller wheels and just lose a small layer of composure.

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