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A good looking alternative to the Ford Fiesta!

If you’ve pidgeon holed Toyotas as ultra reliable but deeply boring think again.

In the last couple of years Toyota has launched new models with a lot more design flare to add visual appeal to their more practical assets. The Yaris is a good example, the 1st and 2nd generation versions looked a bit gawky, but the latest model is a sharp looking super-mini that now looks trendy…for a Toyota.

Even if you are not bothered about your car being the latest fashion statement, the Yaris has a lot going for it. Reliability is obviously a great asset for any car and the Toyota Yaris will be strong in that department.

It’s also got a useful amount of space as it’s one of the bigger super-mini’s. I also like the clean lines of the interior and it feels well screwed together. The plastics and the trim have improved in quality but some of the secondary lower level plastics feel a bit low rent, but you are buying a super-mini not a super car.

The 1.0 litre petrol and 1.4 litre diesel both lack a bit for refinement, and probably my favourite is the 1.5 litre petrol hybrid which is quiet and returns excellent economy between 70 and 80 mpg. If you fancy a change from the predictable Fiesta or Corsa, the Yaris is now a good looking alternative.

* Excellent reliability record. * Smart design and usefully practical. * Best Buy go for either the entry 1.0 litre or the 1.5 hybrid.

Review image Toyota Yaris

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Review image Toyota Yaris Hatchback
Review image Toyota Yaris Hatchback
Review image Toyota Yaris Hatchback
Review image Toyota Yaris Hatchback