A good looking alternative to the Ford Fiesta!

If you’ve pidgeon-holed Toyotas as ultra reliable but a bit boring, think again.

In the last couple of years Toyota has launched new models with a lot more design flare to add visual appeal to their more practical assets. The Yaris is a good example but the latest model is a sharp looking supermini that now looks trend.

Even if you are not bothered about your car being the latest fashion statement, the Yaris has a lot going for it. Reliability is obviously a great asset for any car and the Toyota Yaris will be strong in that department.

It’s also got a useful amount of space as it’s one of the bigger superminis. I also like the clean lines of the interior and it feels well screwed together. The plastics and the trim have improved in quality, but remember you are buying a supermini not a super car.. So, if you fancy a change from the predictable Fiesta or Corsa, the Yaris is now a good looking alternative.

* Excellent reliability record. * Smart design and usefully practical. * 

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