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One of the most desirable super-minis on the road today

Toyota gets a bit of unfair criticism for its boring styling but I think its made big strides in making more desirable looking cars in the last few years.

And the Toyota Aygo is a good example with it’s striking front end that features what looks like a giant cross grille, that gives it one of the most effective faces in the sector.

The interior continues the bold theme with a very modern high-tech feel although interior space in the back is tight. The Toyota Aygo shares its actual underpinnings with the Citroen C1 and Peugeot 108, which are built on the same production lines, so its all about which style you prefer and I prefer the Aygo.

The 1-litre engine is willing for such a small unit, but the Toyota Aygo is all about economy with between 60 and 65 mpg in real world driving, which makes it a sensible buy. And with a Toyota you know you will get reliability, making the Aygo not only a shrewd buy but a good looking one at the same time.

* Striking styling * Strong economy * High-tec interior *

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Review image Toyota Aygo Hatchback
Review image Toyota Aygo Hatchback
Review image Toyota Aygo Hatchback