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A proper 4x4

The original X-Trail established Nissan as a solid buy in the 4x4 sector but it became overshadowed by the arrival and ensuing success of the Qashqai.

But now Nissan have brought a new rejuvenated version of the X-Trail out to sit just above the Qashqai. The new X-Trail has borrowed some of the sharper design cues of the Qashqai to replace its old boxy look and bring it bang up-to-date from a design point of view.

They’ve also made big improvements from a driving point of view with better handling, and more refined diesel and petrol engines, they’re more economical between around 40 and 50 mpg.

Where the X-Trail tops the Qashqai is better interior space for passengers and more luggage space, with 550 litres of boot. It comes with the option of front wheel drive and all wheel drive (I would expect most buyers to go for the full 4x4 option). The original X-Trail was a very competent if uninspiring machine, the new version is a much more stylish and accomplished allrounder.

* Strong and stylish design * Bags of interior space * Economical diesel engines * A proper 4x4 * 

Review image Nissan X-Trail

Nissan X-Trail in Stock

Review image Nissan X-Trail Diesel Station Wagon
Review image Nissan X-Trail Station Wagon
Review image Nissan X-Trail Station Wagon
Review image Nissan X-Trail Diesel Station Wagon