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BMW 2 SERIES Car Review

A fantastic handling coupe!

BMW look as if they are trying to fill every number from 1 to 10 with the 2 Series the newest arrival.

The 2 Series obviously fills the gap between 1 and 3. Think of it as a car with more style and attitude than the smaller 1 Series, but smaller and sportier than the 3 Series, but still every inch a BMW.

It comes in two body styles, the Coupe for buyers wanting maximum sportiness - rear seat space is limited - while the Gran Tourer is like a mini people carrier for buyers who need more in the way of practicality.

The three door 2 Series coupe is an excellent drive with sharp steering, slick handling and depending on which engine a good turn of speed but still economical. My favourite is the 2 litre diesel which returns around 60 mpg and costs only £30 road tax.

The five door Gran Tourer sacrifices looks for practicality with room for four and reasonable boot space of 468 litres, but nevertheless it still makes for a thrilling drive for a family car. 

* Yet more choice from BMW * Coupe or Tourer both good to drive * Good economy to go with driving pleasure *

Review image BMW 2 Series

BMW 2 Series in Stock

Review image BMW 2 Series Diesel Coupe
Review image BMW 2 Series Diesel Active Tourer
Review image BMW 2 Series Diesel Active Tourer
Review image BMW 2 Series Diesel Active Tourer