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AUDI A5 Car Review

A class leading coupe

If you are looking for a car with image and desirability without being too flash check out the Audi A5..

The Audi A5 is an elegant coupe that oozes class. It looks like a premium car from whichever angle you look at it. And when you step inside the premium feel is underlined with a plush cabin that manages to combine quality with an understated style.

Audi have led the way for upgrading car interiors and the Audi A5 is a perfect example, beautifully laid out and full of top quality materials. They use aluminium trim expertly to highlight areas like the air vents. It delivers a smooth and comfortable ride upfront, the two rear seats are tight for tall adults because of the sloping roof but it’s a cosy place to travel for children and it's got a good-sized boot.

The engines are equally smooth with the option of turbo petrol and diesels that deliver a nice mix of performance and economy. There’s always a debate as to whether the Audi A5 can match the handling of a BMW 4 Series, but in truth unless you want to drive on the limit the Audi offers more than enough driving enjoyment to satisfy any driver. It also still looks a class act thanks to the timeless design and the ongoing lure of the Audi badge.

* Elegant and stylish * Classy cabin * Strong range of petrol and diesel engines *

Review image Audi A5

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Review image Audi A5 Diesel Sportback
Review image Audi A5 Diesel Sportback
Review image Audi A5 Diesel Sportback