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Suzuki Vitara interior, tech and practicality

Comfort and visibility

To hit that temptingly low price, Suzuki has had to be sparing with the bells and whistles, so the Vitara has little to excite in the cabin. It's mostly rough-and-ready black plastic with just a little silver-effect detailing to zhuzh it up. A small redeeming feature is the inclusion of three circular dash-top air vents, which vaguely remind us of older Alfa Romeo and Maserati models. If you squint.

Visibility is pretty good, too, thanks to the Vitara's lofty seating position and fairly tall windows. As ever, over-the-shoulder visibility is the weakest angle thanks to the thick C-pillar hiding the rollover protection, but it's still better than the more-obstructed views found in the Renault Captur and Ford Puma. A reversing camera is standard on SZ-T trim, with all-round parking sensors joining it on top-spec SZ5 cars.

Standard equipment

Trim levels are fairly simple for the Vitara – SZ4 is the entry-level model, SZ-T sits in the middle and SZ5 sits at the top. It's anyone's guess what happened to SZ1, 2 and 3…

SZ4 gets 16-inch alloy wheels, climate control and cruise control. You also get a fairly basic radio with Bluetooth and DAB connectivity. This was renamed to 'Go' trim in 2023.

SZ-T adds larger alloy wheels and an infotainment system featuring Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and a reversing camera.

Top-spec SZ5 gains part-suede upholstery, all-round parking sensors, keyless entry, adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking and lane-keep assist.

We reckon mid-range SZ-T is the best-value option – it's also the most abundant on the used market – but you might also be able to find a good deal on a preowned SZ5.

Infotainment and audio

Vitaras in SZ-T trim and up include an infotainment system. It's a small touchscreen mounted in the middle of the dashboard and looks fairly dated compared to the bigger, sharper units you'll find in some rivals.

Despite its ageing appearance, the screen includes all the features you'd expect – most importantly, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, allowing you to bypass the mediocre built-in software. We don't love the touch-sensitive volume slider on the screen's bezel – it's tricky to hit without taking your eyes off the road and isn't as easy to use as a proper volume knob.

All cars come with a simple four-speaker audio setup, while the top-spec SZ5 adds a pair of tweeters for better treble reproduction. Beyond that, the Vitara has little to offer true audiophiles, although casual listeners won't find much to complain about.

Rear seat space

In the small SUV class, some models are practical while some sacrifice a little cabin space in favour of more dramatic styling. The Vitara sits firmly in the former group, with decent rear-seat space considering the car's overall compactness.

There's room for tall adults to sit behind similarly lofty front-seat occupants, although they might describe the space as adequate rather than plentiful. Range-topping SZ5 cars get a panoramic glass sunroof, which bathes the cabin in natural light, but does rob a little headroom, so very tall people might find their heads brush the ceiling.

The centre-rear seat is wide enough that you could feasibly put a third adult on the back row, but there'll be almost no elbow room left and the flat seat base won't provide much in the way of support.

Boot space

Most Vitara models get a 375-litre boot. That figure isn't especially impressive on paper with the Skoda Kamiq handily beating it. Vitara models with the 1.5-litre full-hybrid drivetrain have even smaller boots, losing the under-floor storage you'll find in 1.4-litre mild-hybrid Vitaras.

In practice, the Vitara's cargo area is useful and square, with enough space for a pushchair or a small dog. The roof is fairly high, so you can pack taller objects upright if you don't mind obstructing your rear-view mirror slightly.

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