Enjoy the great outdoors with a cool convertible this summer

30 May 2017 Blog

Make the most of the summer months in one of the best convertibles on the market. Motorpoint takes a look at five cars currently available that promise to take ‘fun in the sun’ to a whole new level

“Respected as the best-selling two-seater sports car over the past 25 years, the Mazda MX-5 offers driving pleasure and the cool-factor in one great little car ”

Whether you enjoy a spin to the seaside, quaint summer picnics, a drive-in movie experience or an exhilarating drive through the countryside, a convertible car can deliver on so many levels when it comes to having 'fun in the sun'. Which is why we decided to lift the lid on some of the best-sellers on the market. 

Mazda MX-5

Respected as the best-selling two-seater sports car over the past 25 years, the Mazda MX-5 offers driving pleasure and the cool-factor in one great little car.

Not only is it fun to drive and easy on the eye, but the MX-5 is affordable when compared to its rivals. Now in its fourth generation, the MX-5 has matured with age, while retaining the fun elements that have made it famous. It’s transformed from a lively 18-year old teenager that could party the entire night away, to a good-time twenty-something that appreciates a few of the finer things in life - but can still show you a good time!

Boasting an interpretation of the latest Kodo design in its exterior, plush modern interior, a fabric roof that opens up a whole new world, and a driving experience like no other, the MX-5 is a stand-out favourite if you are looking for a good-time summer car this year.

Mini Convertible

The old adage that everyone should own a mini at some stage in their life certainly springs to mind when examining the latest soft-top option from a car make that is synonymous with the UK.

The latest Mini Convertible still delivers the driving pleasure of a Mini - with gokart-style handling, a punchy engine and excitement to match. Anyone that sits behind the wheel of a mini has a smile on their face - and now it comes as a soft-top, it delivers an even bigger beam than before! Much like the MX-5, it has grown up since its early incarnations, with the new ability to whip the wind through your hair as you discover the thrill of driving all over again. As with the MX-5, boot space is compromised, so pack the picnic on the back seat, hit the road and enjoy the great outdoors!

Citroen DS3

An unconventional addition to a list of convertibles, the DS3 Cabriolet is not what you would expect from the traditional soft top. Rather than an entire roof that folds away, the DS3 boasts more of what you would call ‘an extremely large sunroof’ - still big enough to let in the outside world but with a bit more protection. The whole roof retracts, leaving the door pillars and windscreen in place - maintaining its rigidity and excellent driving experience. There is a sizeable boot on the car from its original hard top DS3 twin, and a comfortable and well-equipped interior for the modern-day driver.

The styling of the DS3 makes it a big hit with fashionistas of the motoring world - both inside and out, and will make you a big hit with your friends when you pull up in a tranquil country pub car park on a scorching July day. If sleek French aesthetics make you tick, then here is the car for you.

Fiat 500C Convertible

Another cracking little car for the style-conscious drivers out there - the Fiat 500C transports you back to the late 50s/early 60s when the original 500 hit the roads, and marries it with mod-cons and retro styling for a car that cannot help but make you happy.

Bold buttons on the interior, retro dashboard, brightly lit displays, gadgets galore and a modern take on 60s interior make this a genuine hit with drivers - and it is very affordable for the first-time buyer.

It is as comfortable as it is quirky, and all engine sizes deliver a punch when you’re cruising through towns or you venture out on the open road. The Fiat 500C Convertible was built to make the world a happier place, and it certainly delivers in all areas.

Mercedes Benz SLK Roadster

When you choose a Mercedes as your soft top of choice, you instantly expect a certain level of sophistication and efficiency because of the badge. With the SLK Roadster, your expectations are met - but what you also get is a world of excitement at your fingertips with even more space to express yourself.

This roadster has its own party piece that is guaranteed to wow friends at the next barbeque - a metal folding roof! Team this with classic and stylish design on the outside, and an interior suitable for any sophisticated executive experience - and the SLK Roadster ticks every box. On the road it delights with nippy handling, but tones down for the slow cruises in the country.

The Mercedes SLK Roadster is a smart all-rounder for the more executive outdoor lover, but has enough tricks up its sleeve to make you want to don your Hawaiian shirt for a summer of fun!