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The best German cars on sale in 2024

Germany is known for producing some of the finest cars in the world.

Legendary brands like BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Porsche have become household names thanks to their high-quality engineering and advanced technology.

We've chosen 10 of our favourite cars built by German brands. You can save thousands on the brand-new list price by buying or financing a nearly new or used car from Motorpoint.

Best German Cars


BMW X1 in grey (iX1)

BMW has a proud history of building sports saloons, so petrolheads might get upset that an SUV is now one of its best cars. The BMW X1 is the real deal, however. It has plenty of practicality for a family of four, and its compact footprint means it's still easy to park in tight urban spaces. And none of that vital 'BMW-ness' has been sacrificed from the driving experience – it's still sharp around corners and utterly unflappable over uneven roads, nor does it punish you over bumps and rough surfaces. Every engine option is reasonably punchy, and you'll now find fuel-sipping plug-in-hybrid versions and a fully electric iX1 with a 293-mile range.

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Mercedes A-Class

Mercedes A-Class in silver

Mercedes, like BMW, has also diversified beyond saloon models and its A-Class now sits among the best family hatchbacks you can buy. What makes the smallest car with the three-pointed star so special? Sit inside and the answer becomes obvious – everything you see and touch feels plush and premium, with lots of leather and metal-effect details used throughout. It might trade a centimetre or two of passenger space here or there to rivals like the BMW 1 Series and Audi A3, but the A-Class is the softest-riding car of this trio, with light and responsive controls to make driving mostly effortless.

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Audi A4

Audi A4 in blue

If the BMW 3 Series offers the most driver appeal, and the Mercedes C-Class has the softest ride, there's a gap in between for a saloon that offers the best of both worlds – that's the Audi A4. Its chiselled lines and sharp-suited cabin immediately place it neck-and-neck with its illustrious rivals, but it's the car's well-rounded driving experience that might make it the best pick for you. It has the grace and composure you'll find in many larger luxury saloons – especially if you avoid firmer S-Line models – but with a degree of handling accuracy and agility that very nearly matches the fleet-footed 3 Series.

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Volkswagen Tiguan

Volkswagen Tiguan in blue

Germany's premium brands make great cars but they often come with price tags that are most easily swallowed with a stiff drink. That's why the Volkswagen Tiguan has become one of the carmaker's most popular models. Its footprint isn't that much larger than the Golf hatchback, but the space inside is substantially improved, with way more rear head and legroom, and a taller, wider cargo area. Prices are far more affordable than its upscale competition – especially on the used market – and, considering the Tiguan offers all the same on-board tech as more costly alternatives, it appeals to both the head and the wallet.

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Porsche 911

Porsche 911 in green

Porsche's lineup includes some of the best cars you can buy but, even among such talented siblings, the 911 remains the most iconic. And, after seven decades on sale, you'd expect Porsche to know a thing or two! Modern 911s now pack an enormous amount of performance with even entry-level models able to challenge some much more established supercars on track. Despite this, it's not the outright pace that impresses – it's the car's laser-like precision and the almost telepathic way it follows your instructions down the road. That would be enough to justify its vast price tag on its own, but the superb build quality and bank-busting desirability seals the deal.

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BMW 3 Series

BMW 3 Series in grey

The X1 above might be the new default choice for families who want a BMW on the drive, but the 3 Series saloon and estate still have a lot to offer. This is, perhaps, the definitive BMW, with athletic handling and enough maturity to its ride quality that passengers won't feel bounced over bumps. The premium cabin features the brand's excellent iDrive infotainment system and enough space for adults to stretch out in the outer four seats. There's a boot large enough for a couple of big suitcases, or even more if you pick the sizeable 3 Series Touring estate, which has a clever opening rear windscreen if you just want to load small items.

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Mercedes C-Class Estate

Mercedes C-Class Estate in silver

Mercedes' saloon and estate cars may play second fiddle to its ultra-popular SUV models these days but they're still as good as they always were. The C-Class has had a recent overhaul with a new cabin, new engines and a newly tailored suit, helping it stay right at the cutting edge of premium car tech, despite its nameplate being several decades old. On the move, there's a soft side to the suspension that's missing from its BMW and Audi rivals, which makes the Mercedes a little comfier if you're racking up hundreds of miles. We're especially fond of the estate version, which adds a much larger 490-litre boot and a wider-opening boot lid.

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Audi TT

Audi TT in orange

Sadly, this is the last planned generation of the Audi TT, with no immediate successor in sight. That means there's all the more reason to enjoy this top-tier sports car while you still can. We rightly applaud 'stripped-back' sports cars like the Mazda MX-5 for their visceral driving experience, but the TT tries to do something different. It aims to capture the spirit of a proper sports car without losing the refinement, comfort and composure needed to cover long distances without tiring from firm suspension and a noisy cabin. The result is a wonderfully balanced car that's entertaining when you're in the mood, and easy to live with when you aren't.

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Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf in yellow

If any car here needs no introduction, it's the Volkswagen Golf – for many years, the byword for sensible family transport. That throne might've been snatched by younger, hotter SUVs, but the humble Golf still possesses all the qualities that made it a legend. The exterior styling is timeless and instantly recognisable, while the spacious cabin's embraced minimalism in pursuit of a cleaner design. Most of the physical controls are gone, replaced by an enormous touchscreen that handles most key functions. This might take a little getting used to but standard-fit Apple CarPlay and Android Auto mean you'll be enjoying your own Spotify playlist in no time.

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Porsche Taycan

Porsche Taycan in light blue

The idea of a battery-powered Porsche without a soul-stirring engine note to back it up may seem like sacrilege to enthusiasts, but the Taycan must be driven to be believed. This is driving with 'god mode' turned on. However hard you push, you get the sense that the Taycan can always go faster, turn harder and stop quicker than you could ever need in the real world. Plus, the car's long, low profile and dramatic styling goes an awfully long way to justifying its enormous price tag, as does its beautifully trimmed interior. A recent overhaul of the car's battery pack and aerodynamics have unlocked even more range with as much as 421 miles from a full charge.

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From the autobahn to your parking space

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