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10 of the best luxury SUVs to buy in 2024

Want the experience of a private jet on the road? These are some of the most luxurious SUVs you can buy

Don’t let anyone tell you luxury is unnecessary. Drive a beautiful, opulently trimmed car if you can – you’ve probably earned it – and arrive at the end of every journey refreshed.

Luxury SUVs give you the lounge-like feel of a flagship saloon but with a more commanding driving position, more space and even more road presence. In some cases, some off-road ability for muddy trips to the gymkhana, too.

The best luxury SUVs really are the creme de la creme of wheeled transport. We’ve listed 10 of them for your delectation.


Besides the block-of-flats-aping BMW X7, the BMW X5 is the big boy of the brand’s range and offers a luxurious experience. It’s all familiar BMW-ness inside, with lots of easy buttons and, importantly, lots of tech. The digital instrument cluster is very clear and full of info, and the main touchscreen puts you in control of everything in the entire world – that’s how it feels, anyway. The materials are first-grade and there’s a seven-seat option if you need to take the whole family along for the ride.

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Audi Q7

If there was a fan club for the Audi Q7, we’d be paid-up members. It combines luxo-barge plushness with the necessary practicality for family-car life, making your life easier and better if you have to take toddlers, teenagers and terriers with you. As a side note, there’s space for six kids as all the passenger seats have Isofix points, if you’ve drawn the short straw for the private school run. Luckily, the interior is fantastic – it boasts Audi’s top-drawer tech and materials. Which’ll bring you great joy when you have to hoover out crumbs from the soft leather for the third time this week.

Don’t need six Isofix points? Consider the Audi Q8 as well.

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Range Rover

Darling of celebrities, rappers, high-flying businessfolk and anyone who’s flashed a fancy credit card in a Dubai hotel, the Range Rover is still one of the ultimate cars to ride in and to be seen in. The latest model boasts a cleaner design than before and a somehow even more opulent interior. It exudes absolute capability, and excels whether your commute includes leafy suburban streets or the Atlas mountains.

Porsche Cayenne

What if your commute doesn’t involve the Atlas mountains, and includes Silverstone racetrack instead? You need the peppery goodness of the Porsche Cayenne. It obviously isn’t going to show a 911 a clean pair of heels but, for a family SUV with more leather than a shoe shop, it’s very impressive. If you don’t need to carry labradors or lots of luggage on a regular basis, consider the more rakish-looking Cayenne Coupe. And, whichever body style you pick, there are raucous petrol engines and surprisingly efficient plug-in hybrid engines to choose from.

Range Rover Velar

It may not be directly comparable to the likes of the full-fat Range Rover and the Audi Q7, but the Velar is still a very luxurious and spacious SUV. A clever bit of design work means it looks sleek and rakish, even if it’s still as chunky and solid as you’d expect from the Range Rover badge. There are long-legged diesels, smooth petrols and a plug-in hybrid offering, giving buyers a nearly full spectrum of choice. With the amount of trim levels and optional extras to choose from, few Velars leave the factory identical.

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Volvo XC90

The fully electric EX90 has now usurped the XC90 at the summit of Volvo’s range, but the XC90 is still a very strong choice if you’re a luxury SUV buyer. It looks modern, feels high-tech inside and the build quality is impeccable. The XC90 is a fantastic long-distance cruiser, with a lofty driving position and a pleasing focus on comfort and refinement. There’s good news if you need to carry the crew, too – there’s space in the rearmost seats for a pair of adults.

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Mercedes GLS

Few would argue that Mercedes’ biggest, most expensive SUV isn’t luxurious enough. But the GLS is the starting point for the Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 – a car that can be ordered with an £18,000 paint job and £20,000 leather upholstery. Tick all the options and you’re spending £240,000, which makes the standard GLS’ £108,000 entry price look like the sort of change you might find behind the sofa.

Audi Q8 e-tron

When the Audi e-tron got facelifted, it became the Q8 e-tron – reflecting its position in Audi’s range. But whether you get the newer ‘Kuwait’ e-tron or not, you’re guaranteed acres of space and the same high-end interior as you’ll find in the Q7 above. It’s large and purposeful, but has sports car-baiting acceleration and all the tech you’d ever desire. There’s also a Q8 Sportback with the coupe-ish roof line, which really suits it.


Let’s call the looks… distinctive. We won’t say any more. But if you can get past that, the BMW iX is a seriously fantastic car, with BMW’s latest-generation electric powertrain and infotainment tech. The upshot is a maximum range of 382 miles between charges, and it can be replenished quickly, too – adding 62 miles of range takes just six minutes at a compatible charger.

Bentley Bentayga

Along with the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, the Bentley Bentayga is in the highest echelon of luxury SUVs. But even this bold behemoth offers the option of a plug-in hybrid engine for eco-conscious buyers – or, more likely, city folk who need the electric-only driving to dodge low-emission zones.

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