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The top 10 Audi Q3 alternatives

The Audi Q3 is a great all-round performer, but it's far from the only competitor in this class.

It has literally dozens of SUV rivals – many with a similarly long list of talents – so we've chosen 10 of our favourite for you to consider.

The majority are available as low-mileage used cars from Motorpoint, with thousands of pounds off their list price.


BMW X1 in grey

Better than a Q3 for: sporty driving

If you're shopping Audi Q3s, you owe it to yourself to check out its cross-country rival, the BMW X1. If you're shopping on the nearly new and used market, you'll find both the second-generation X1 built until 2022 and its replacement. The new car clearly feels, well, newer, but both models have mostly the same benefits – excellent practicality considering their size, a confidence-inspiring driving experience, and premium touches worthy of the BMW badge. Engines are powerful, efficient and refined, making long drives a doddle in the X1.

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Mercedes GLA

Mercedes GLA in white

Better than a Q3 for: luxury

Mercedes' SUV lineup doesn't quite replicate Audi's. The GLA is a touch smaller than the Q3, while the GLB and GLC are noticeably larger. Nevertheless, we reckon the compact GLA is the one to pick if you're weighing it against Audi's Q3. The Mercedes' cabin is more obviously luxurious, with leather and aluminium-effect trims on nearly every surface you see. It drives more luxuriously, too, with effortless power from its turbocharged engines and a graceful sense that it's floating over bumps in the road.

Browse used Mercedes GLA cars

Volvo XC40

Volvo XC40 in blue

Better than a Q3 for: practicality

Volvo has infused its SUV range with the practicality its boxy estates were once famed for. The XC40 sits towards the smaller end of the range, but there's still plenty of room for a family of four. You get loads of rear-seat space to wrangle a bulky child seat into position, and the tall, square boot space makes it easy to load a heavy pushchair without throwing your back out. The cabin is understated but attractive, and trimmed in upmarket materials, and you'll find built-in Google software in the infotainment system on newer versions.

Search used Volvo XC40 cars or read our Volvo XC40 review

Cupra Formentor

Cupra Formentor in grey

Better than a Q3 for: plug-in-hybrid driving

Remaining within the expansive Volkswagen Group, you could consider the Cupra Formentor. This dramatic-looking SUV borrows some of the same engines and parts as the Q3, but wraps them up in a taut, athletic package. The Formentor has a focus on on-road performance, with enough driver appeal to give the X1 above a run for its money. Most versions are reasonably quick but you'll find several models come with a plug-in-hybrid setup – these have electrifying (sorry!) performance off the line and the ability to refuel for long journeys.

Check out used Cupra Formentor cars or read our Cupra Formentor review

Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover Evoque in grey

Better than a Q3 for: comfort

The second-generation Range Rover Evoque has finally perfected the 'mini Range Rover' form. This plush SUV takes up a similar amount of space as a Ford Focus, but has a spacious cabin and squared-off boot making it much easier to live with as a family car. It feels like a proper Range Rover, too, with soft leather upholstery and an elegant minimalist cabin, plus the company's latest infotainment software which looks sharp and modern. You can tell it was developed on UK roads, with a delicacy over bumps that German rivals can't quite match.

View used Range Rover Evoque cars or read our Range Rover Evoque review

Mazda CX-5

Mazda CX-5 in red

Better than a Q3 for: value

Mazda might not be the first brand you cross-shop when looking at an Audi model, but you might be missing a trick. Sit inside the CX-5 SUV and you'll spot all the plush touches and premium materials you'd expect from a traditional upmarket model, but at a noticeably more manageable price point. The posh interior isn't the only thing going for the CX-5, either – it's entertaining and composed on the road, with decent performance from its engines and all the modern conveniences you'd hope at this price point.

Take a look at used Mazda CX-5 cars

Audi A4

Audi A4 Avant estate in grey

Better than a Q3 for: not another SUV

Maybe you like the Q3's 'Audi-ness' but aren't sure about the body style. If so, check out the Audi A4 – either as a handsome four-door saloon or as the practical A4 Avant estate. Both have lots of passenger space – perhaps a touch less headroom than the Q3, but you get a little more legroom in exchange. There's also next-to-no boot space penalty if you pick the A4 Avant over the Q3, because the area is similarly square and can be loaded all the way to the roof. Prices are keen, too, because you're not paying a premium for the SUV body style.

Find used Audi A4 cars or read our Audi A4 review

Jaguar E-Pace

Jaguar E-Pace in silver

Better than a Q3 for: driving position

Plenty of compact SUVs feel like oversized hatchbacks from behind the wheel. Drive the Jaguar E-Pace for a few miles, however, and you'll quickly find yourself appreciating its commanding, lofty driving position. This is a compact SUV but you sit high up like a full-blown off-roader, letting you see far down the road over the roofs of smaller cars. That's not the only thing in its corner, either – the E-Pace is trimmed in upmarket materials and strikes an excellent balance between handling and comfort.

Browse used Jaguar E-Pace cars

Alfa Romeo Tonale

Alfa Romeo Tonale in green

Better than a Q3 for: dramatic looks

Alfa Romeo has never been afraid to build a car that trades on its looks, and the Tonale SUV is just that. The front end has slim, beady headlights either side of the iconic shield-shaped front grille we've come to expect from the brand. There are also graceful curves and creases in the bodywork, and plenty of bright metallic colours that make the most of the car's shape. You'll find plenty of substance, too, with a reasonably composed, well-rounded driving experience and a slick cabin that's very nearly a match for the upmarket Q3.

Search used Alfa Romeo Tonale cars for sale

Lexus UX

Lexus UX in green

Better than a Q3 for: reliability

On paper, the Lexus UX doesn't quite have the measure of the Q3. It's a little slower and can't match the Audi's ultra-composed ride quality. You'll also struggle to fit taller passengers and cargo space is significantly down on the Q3. However, so many buyers keep coming back to Toyota's luxury brand because it's earned a solid-gold reputation for dependability. The UX will cover hundreds of thousands of miles on nothing more than regular scheduled maintenance, and cost remarkably little while doing so thanks to its excellent hybrid fuel economy.

Shop used Lexus UX cars

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