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Used Ford Ecosport cars for sale

We currently have 12 in stock

There are 3 trims of Ecosport manufactured by Ford in our current stock

Our stock of used Ford Ecosport come in a range of gearbox and fuel type options


Fuel Type

We have a selection of quality nearly new and used Ford EcoSport cars for sale. These great vehicles offer you the style of a hatchback, mixed with the feel and look of a larger SUV. As such it makes these a fantastic option for those looking for a reliable family car, or even a car for business and commuting purposes. 

The second hand Ford EcoSport cars we have also come in a variety of models, these feature different trim levels including the Titanium and Zetec spec, as well as options on colours, fuel types and more. Our useful filters can also narrow down our selection by these preferences and others such as mileage and price, making your search through our listings of nearly new and used Ford EcoSport cars even easier. Finance options and part-exchange are also available on our selection of fantastic second hand Ford EcoSport cars.

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