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One of the best compact SUVs on the road

A catchy name has always been an added bonus to help selling a car and Tiguan is definitely catchy.

It’s actually a combination of Tiger and Iguana and Volkswagen’s Tiguan has attracted nearly a million buyers since the original was launched in 2008, who appreciate it‘s a lot more than just a quirky name.

The Tiguan is VW’s contender in the highly competitive compact SUV sector. It is one of the best all-round models in its class, starting with understated but instantly recognisable VW design, that features the trademark corporate chrome two bar VW grille and headlights with daytime running lights. Whereas other brands go for more flash and extrovert design, VW models don’t need to be brash, buyers like the clean unfussy style.

It’s the same story on the inside where the classy interior has a typically VW precision and tidy uncluttered appeal, everything seems to be in the right place and the materials have a quality look and feel about them. True, it’s only slightly bigger than a VW Golf at just over 4.4 metres long, but it obviously sits higher and gives all the occupants a better view and slightly more headroom and boot space.

Get behind the wheel and you appreciate the same precision as the VW Golf. The VW Tiguan drives just like a family hatchback with sharp handling that comes with a slightly sporting edge for an SUV.

You get a strong line-up of petrol and diesel engines that offer an enjoyable drive and good fuel economy. The VW Tiguan is a relaxing place to travel, whether it's a short or long journey.

* Distinctive but understated style * Top quality interior * Nice drive/good engines * 

Review image Volkswagen Tiguan

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Review image Volkswagen Tiguan Diesel Estate
Review image Volkswagen Tiguan Diesel Estate
Review image Volkswagen Tiguan Diesel Estate
Review image Volkswagen Tiguan Diesel Estate