Buying A Hybrid Car

With a ban on a sales of new petrol and diesel vehicles coming in to place in 2030, you may be thinking about making a switch to a hybrid.

What Is A Hybrid Vehicle?

A hybrid vehicle combines a traditional petrol or diesel engine with an electric motor to power your car. They make a great choice if you are looking to make the move to an alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) but you're not quite ready to go fully electric.

What Are The Different Types Of Hybrid Vehicle Available?

There main options when it comes to buying a hybrid vehicle are:

  • Plug-in Hybrid
  • Mild Hybrid

Plug-in Hybrid

Plug-in hybrid vehicles come with a battery pack that can be charged separately to the regular fuel powered engine. They can manage short bursts purely on the electric motor (perfect for short commutes, the school run or popping out for the food shop), with the regular engine for longer journeys (and in some models to help charge the electric motor whilst driving).

Mild Hybrid

Similar to the plug-in hybrid, a mild hybrid has a small battery with an electric motor to help improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. Unlike a plug-in it won't have the power to run the car purely on its electric power but it uses this to power components such as the starter motor

The Benefits Of Driving A Hybrid Car

There are many benefits to driving a hybrid car, the main one being lower fuel costs. You will save money in the long run as you won't need to fill up as often. Depending on the type of hybrid vehicle you opt for and the type of driving you predominantly do, you may find that you can rely on the power from the electric battery more than the petrol or diesel fuel tank.

You'll also be doing your bit to help the environment when buying a hybrid car, as the emissions from your car will be lower than a petrol or diesel vehicle. With the increase in congestion charges appearing in larger cities around the country, you'll save 

In addition, with the petrol or diesel engine you won't have to worry about the range the electric motor offers as once the charge runs out, the other engine will kick in.