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Hybrid 4x4 FAQs

The answer here depends on your needs and your budget. That being said, some of our favourite cars in this class include the Toyota RAV4, BMW X2, Hyundai Tucson and Range Rover Evoque. All of these models combine the fuel-saving prowess of modern hybrid setups with a desirable, practical SUV body and four-wheel drive, making them extremely capable both on and off road.

Yes. In fact, there are several hybrid four-wheel drive models from several different manufacturers available to buy both new and used.

Four-wheel-drive cars tend to make good candidates for hybrid systems. This is because it's often more simple to design a car with an engine powering one set of wheels and a hybrid motor powering the other.

Common choices in the hybrid 4x4 class include the Toyota RAV4, BMW X2, Mitsubishi Outlander and Range Rover Evoque.

Several brands compete in the hybrid 4x4 segment including Range Rover, BMW, Volvo, Peugeot, Honda and Hyundai to name just a few.

Broadly speaking, both hybrid systems and four-wheel-drive technology add cost to a car, which pushes the price up and makes it harder to argue that hybrid 4x4s represent good value for money.

That being said, buying a hybrid 4x4 as a nearly new car means saving thousands of pounds compared to buying it brand new, dramatically improving the relative value for money.

What's more, the hybrid system will improve fuel economy compared to an equivalent non-hybrid model. That means your running costs will go down and, over time, could well offset the extra price you paid for a hybrid model. This is especially true if you buy a plug-in hybrid and make the most of the electric-only range, saving the engine exclusively for long-distance journeys.

Hybrids can be just as capable off the road as they are on it – especially models designed from the ground up with off-road ability in mind such as the Range Rover Evoque, Mitsubishi Outlander and Toyota RAV4.

Of course, if you want to tackle some extreme rock crawling or rally driving, a hybrid system will be less of a priority than a beefy off-road focused four-wheel-drive setup. But, for most buyers who'll only be driving over grassy fields or dirt roads, hybrid 4x4s should be just capable of pulling you through the rough stuff as their non-hybrid siblings.