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Search the broad collection of used Mitsubishi Outlander vehicles at Motorpoint and explore the merits of this acclaimed 4x4. Mitsubishi is known for creating sturdy off-road vehicles and the Outlander is no different. Starting life as the Airtrek in 2001 it is now into its third generation, with either a 2.2 litre diesel or the PHEV plug-in hybrid available.

A less chunky design with a glossier finish is reflected in the latest Outlander, weighing 100kg less than its predecessor. This significant structural change helps make it far more economical, along with a reduced power output, though it still racks up a competitive speed. A six-speed manual gearbox (automatic for the hybrid) and soft suspension offer plenty of stability when driving.

The entire range of Mitsubishi Outlander vehicles includes spacious cabins with an elevated driving position and tons of boot space. In addition, you can choose from a five or seven seat model. Parking sensors and traction control can be turned on or off in the cabin, with shortcuts which make using the control panel a lot simpler.

Mitsubishi Outlander

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