How to choose the best Ford Fiesta for you

24 March 2022 Blog

Fancy Ford’s small hatchback but baffled by the range of options? Let us help you out, with advice on everything from engines to trim levels

Few cars can match the Fiesta’s enduring appeal – Ford’s excellent supermini might’ve been knocking about since the Bay City Rollers were big, but it’s moved with the times and today retains an Ed Sheeran-like grip over the top-10 car charts. It’s stylish, affordable and enjoyable to drive for everyone from learners to OAPs, but it’s also available in so many versions you might not know where to begin. Which is where this guide comes in. It focuses on the latest seventh-generation Fiesta introduced in 2017, tells you what’s available, and suggests the best picks…

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Best Ford Fiesta engines

Lift the Fiesta’s bonnet and you can find everything from a wheezy 1.1-litre to the punchy 1.5 turbo in the ST hot hatch, but the turbocharged 1.0-litre Ecoboost bags our sweet spot award. This excellent three-cylinder turbo might pack a modest 100hp, but it’s surprisingly eager and can return up to 53.3mpg, all while taking your insurance and tax bills out at the knees. Step up to the Ecoboost mHEV (a mild hybrid) for a peppy 125hp with up to 56.5mpg and it’s easy to see why Ford dropped the diesel in late 2020.

The Ecobost mHEV’s also the only model optionally available with a seven-speed automatic gearbox called Powershift, but we’d still point you towards the six-speed manual. It just suits the Fiesta’s perky character better.

Ford Fiesta trim levels explained

The Fiesta line-up kicks off with Trend, but even this entry-level spec goes big on standard kit, as you can see in the interior shot above. Reasons to be cheerful include the 8.0-inch Ford Sync touchscreen infotainment system with DAB radio and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, plus there’s cruise control and a lane-keeping aid. Proper big car stuff there.

From Trend the Fiesta moves up through Titanium models, then ST-Line, before going full luxury with the Fiesta Vignale, which gets part-leather seats, rain-sensing wipers and some chromey glitz. Earlier in the Fiesta’s life, Titanium and ST-Line trims could be enhanced with an ‘X’ suffix (eg ST-Line X), since superseded by a Vignale suffix (eg ST-Line Vignale).

ST-Line models are our picks because they combine much of the ST hot hatch’s visual appeal with the 1.0 Ecoboost engine’s more affordable running costs. Highlights include a sportier bodykit set off by 17-inch alloys (18s for ST-Line X/Vignale models), uprated suspension for sharper handling, and figure-hugging sports seats. Just remember that while bigger wheels and stiffer suspension do wonders for handling and style, they do add a firmer edge to the ride. It’s worth it, we say.

How many doors do you want?

Unusually, Fiestas are still available in both three- and five-door body styles – most rivals are just five doors these days. Three-door versions look a little cooler and are most popular for the ST hot hatch, but the majority of buyers are won over by the added practicality of the five-door for other models. You can also choose an Active or Active X version, which adds crossover attitude with extra ground clearance and more rugged body styling, though it’s still front-wheel drive.

Which Ford Fiesta is best?

Plenty of options, then, but a 1.0 Ecoboost ST-Line five-door remains Motorpoint’s pick of the bunch. Unless you like driving everywhere like a rally star, in which case the ST is one of the finest hot hatches ever made. Whichever Fiesta you pick, you’ll fall in love.

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