Used BMW 4 Series SE cars for sale

The 4 Series was created to launch a line of coupe and convertibles based on the BMW 3 series frame, leaving the 3 Series as a standalone saloon. The SE opens the 4 series range, offering a budget friendly entry into BMW ownership for those not set on the aggressive styling of the M Sport trim whilst even the entry level 4 Series offers plenty of standard equipment.

Standard Sat Nav and climate control make the 4 Series an excellent Grand Tourer and the refined interior serves only to reinforce this impression. A range of 6 engine options also mean that there's plenty of choice when it comes to selecting the right motor depending on your driving style. 

Also available in Gran Coupe form, the 4 Series' striking silhouette means it stands as not just an offshoot of the 3 Series but a formidable model in its own right.