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VOLVO XC60 Car Review

Volvo XC60

I always think a Volvo should be on your shopping list if you are looking for a 4x4. That’s because you actually get a 4x4 that can cope with the worst the weather can throw at you. The Volvo XC60 was built to tackle the worst of Swedish winters, and that’s a lot worse than anything we will experience in the UK.

You also get a 4x4 that looks different. Volvo are for individual’s that like to stand out from the crowd but in a smart understated way, although by Volvo standards the Volvo XC60 is bordering on the downright trendy.

Another bonus is that the XC60 is big on comfort for driver and passengers, but again in a typically discreet Swedish kind of way. The interior of any Volvo is instantly recognisable and for all the right reasons, things like the floating centre console highlight the individuality of Volvo.The fit and finish also have an upmarket feel to them, plus they are well laid out in a smart uncomplicated way that makes them very user friendly.

The engines have been improved with the diesels now more refined, the 2 litre offers around 60 mpg, and the XC60 handles well for a mid-sized 4x4.

* Smart and distinctive * Plush cabin. * Economical new engines *

Volvo Xc60 in Stock

Review image Volvo Xc60 Diesel Estate
Review image Volvo Xc60 Diesel Estate
Review image Volvo Xc60 Diesel Estate
Review image Volvo Xc60 Diesel Estate