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A funky name for a funky City Car

Funky name for a very funky city car, the Volkswagen Up shows you can have character in a small car.

The Volkswagen Up looks totally distinctive despite sharing exactly the same body and engines as the Skoda Citigo and Seat Mii, only the lights, grille and interior trim are different but what a difference.

Like every Volkswagen the Up seems more grown up and more sophisticated than its twins. The interior is spacious for a small car that’s just over 3.5 metres long, capable of taking four adults in a degree of comfort. I like how simple and unfussy the interior is and the trim finish in the same colour as the exterior on the dash and doors, complete a little car that’s a nice place to travel in.

Despite its dinky 1 litre engine, the Volkswagen Up drives really well. It's a brilliant city car for nipping in and out of heavy traffic, but its quite happy cruising all day on the motorway, plus you get just over 60 mpg.

Add in just low road tax and Motorpoint savings on the price of a new car, for models that have barely been run in and the Volkswagen Up also makes plenty of practical sense. Plus, when you eventually come to sell the Up it will be worth more than its rivals.

* Classy looks for a small car * Neat 1 litre engine * Surprising amounts of room *

Review image Volkswagen UP

Volkswagen UP in Stock

Review image Volkswagen Up Hatchback
Review image Volkswagen Up Hatchback
Review image Volkswagen Up Hatchback
Review image Volkswagen Up Hatchback