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HYUNDAI I20 Car Review

A solid all-round good value for money car

The Hyundai i20 is another example of why Hyundai are one the fastest growing car brands in the UK. They deliver what buyers are looking for. It’s a solid all-rounder that is strong value for money and now a genuine contender in the super-mini sector. 

Granted it may not be quite as good as a Ford Fiesta or VW Polo when it come to quality, but it’s getting closer and now matches them for practicality and economy. Just as important it's more affordable and that’s key to anyone buying a super-mini.

Hyundai have become a lot easier on the eye in the last couple of years and the current Hyundai i20 has a smart modern design, inside and out. The interior space is one of the strong points of the Hyundai i20 with room for four adults and a useful sized boot that will cope easily with the weekly shop.

It is also okay to drive with both the 1.2 litre petrol and 1.4 diesel engines fitting into the adequate category, but then super-mini buyers are more interested in economy figures than performance figures. Expect over 40 mpg for the petrol and in the late 60s for the diesel (depending on how you drive of course!).

* Big on value for money * Practical for a super-mini * Good fuel economy * Best Buy - 1.2 SE *

Review image Hyundai I20

Hyundai I20 in Stock

Review image Hyundai I20 Hatchback
Review image Hyundai I20 Hatchback
Review image Hyundai I20 Hatchback
Review image Hyundai I20 Coupe