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Over 18 million motorists can’t be wrong. Because that’s how many Fiestas Ford have sold since the original was launched in 1976. In the UK, the Fiesta has consistently featured in the best selling new cars for most of the last ten years, and it’s still the best selling car this year.

The reasons are simple, the Fiesta delivers exactly what motorists are looking for an affordable, reliable supermini with the added bonus that it looks great and drives brilliantly.

The current Fiesta looks like a baby Aston Martin from the front with its big chrome grille and sleek headlights, it’s the most striking supermini on the road, it looks better than any small Audi or BMW.

It’s smart well laid-out interior is dominated by a centre console that reminds me of an easy-to-use tablet, and the top-equipped versions have the gadgets you’d expect on a big car.

Behind the wheel, the Fiesta is fun and easy to drive thanks to a slick gearbox and light but precise steering, along with high tech petrol and diesel engines. The 1.0 litre Ecoboost Petrol won the World Engine of the Year for three years in a row, because it has the power of a 1.6 litre and the economy of a supermini. 

The Fiesta is a totally practical small family car with the space you’d previously expect in a family hatchback, but go for the five door if you’ve got young kids.

When ordinary motorists consistently spend their hard earned cash buying the same model it’s for one reason, the car is the best on the road. That’s the Fiesta.

* Great looks * Excellent choice of engines * Loads of practicality * Excellent reliability *


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Review image Loading Ford Fiesta Hatchback
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