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The top 10 Nissan Juke alternatives

Fancy a small crossover but not sure what to get? We’ve picked the best cars that are similar to a Nissan Juke

The Nissan Juke helped to kick off the popularity of small SUVs, and now they’re everywhere. Its recipe of supermini underpinnings – it shares a lot with the Nissan Micra – along with a slightly raised ride height, a more practical shape and a stylish design has been copied many times now.

The Juke is still probably the best-known small SUV, and it’s certainly a good car, but it may not be the best choice for you. We’ve listed 10 cars similar to a Nissan Juke that you should consider before you buy your next car.

Renault Captur

Better than the Juke for: practicality

We’ll start with a car that’s very similar to a Juke, because the Renault Captur uses a lot of the same oily bits as the Nissan. Renault’s offering doesn’t have the same swept-back stance as the Juke, but it has its own Captur-vating style with sharp LED lights and a contrast-coloured roof. The Captur offers better rear headroom than the Juke, and sliding rear seats that boost versatility. When the seats are fully back, the Captur’s 404-litre boot marginally trails the Juke’s 422-litre space, but push the seats all the way forward and you’ll free up 536 litres of luggage space.

Peugeot 2008

Better than the Juke for: interior design

While the current Juke’s interior design is more modern than its predecessor, you might still think the cabin styling is a bit conservative. If that’s the case, slide into a Peugeot 2008 and see if its bold dashboard is more to your taste. The most unusual feature is the small steering wheel, which almost sits in your lap as you look over it to see the fully digital dials. To your left is a wide touchscreen that’s angled towards you, and a set of piano key shortcut buttons that are somehow more interesting than the Juke’s conventional buttons.

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Toyota C-HR

Better than the Juke for: running costs

The Toyota C-HR certainly serves up an eye-catching image and, if you squint, its sleek shape doesn’t look vastly different to the Juke’s. Under the bonnet, most C-HRs get a frugal hybrid engine that’s capable of over 60mpg and, while the Juke also now has a hybrid option, it’s not quite as economical as Toyota’s engines. However, the Juke counters with more spacious back seats and a bigger boot than the C-HR.

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Ford Puma

Better than the Juke for: fun handling

The Juke is fairly good to drive, but keen drivers after a small SUV will gravitate towards the Ford Puma. Its agility and deftness are second-to-none in this class, and its keen engines get the Puma off the line fairly quickly. And there’s also the Puma ST for hot hatch buyers, which combines the Puma’s practical boot space with a fizzy 200hp petrol engine.

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Hyundai Kona

Better than the Juke for: warranty

If you’re after a small SUV with out-there styling, it’s hard to overlook the Hyundai Kona. The Kona is especially good if you’re planning to keep your car for longer than the average buyer, with a generous five-year/unlimited-mileage warranty – not that you’ll probably ever have to use it – and glowing owner satisfaction reports. The Hyundai has a more varied engine range than the Juke – petrol, hybrid, electric and performance versions are all available – but the Juke is a little more practical.

Citroen C3 Aircross

Better than the Juke for: comfort

Modern cars tend to aim for a sporty driving experience, the Juke included. And, while it is pretty decent to drive down a twisty road, the flipside is a slightly firm ride. If you’re more about comfort than cornering, the Citroen C3 Aircross is a top choice. Here, the sportiness is left at the sports pitch and, instead, you get sofa-like seats and a lofty driving position. We’ve no doubt you’ll appreciate its soft ride over the sorts of broken road surfaces that blight Britain. The C3 Aircross is also a practical choice, with similar sliding rear seats to the Captur.

Vauxhall Mokka

Better than the Juke for: electric driving

Just like a chocolatey coffee, the Vauxhall Mokka should perk you up. For a start, the new model has actual styling and a futuristic ‘face’, plus huge interior improvements over the old Mokka X. And it’s still pretty good value. Another addition is a fully electric powertrain, which promises a range of around 200 miles on a full charge and a smooth drive. Nissan doesn’t offer a fully electric SUV, only the Leaf hatchback and the range-topping Ariya SUV.

Volkswagen T-Cross

Better than the Juke for: interior materials

The cheerfully chunky-looking Volkswagen T-Cross looks like a mini Tiguan, and doesn’t feel too dissimilar to a Tiguan inside either. Some of the materials feel a bit more solid than the Juke’s, and the buttons feel like they can withstand years of use. The T-Cross is another small crossover with sliding rear seats, so you can either fit very tall adults or a surprising amount of luggage into VW’s smallest SUV. As a new car, the T-Cross is typically more expensive than a roughly equivalent Juke, but the difference isn’t as large on the used market.


Better than the Juke for: price

A nearly new MG ZS will cost you a bit less per month than a roughly equivalent Juke, so check it out if you want to save a little cash. The Juke arguably beats the ZS for style, but the MG counters with practicality that verges on cars from the class above. Sliding seats aren’t necessary here, as the ZS will comfortably fit adults in the rear seats and 450 litres’ worth of luggage. There’s a choice of petrol or electric options in the MG.


Better than the Juke for: premium appeal

BMW’s smallest SUV doesn’t skimp on interior quality, with lots of plush leather and solid-feeling controls. It has a sporty look and feel, with a sleek shape and the sort of handling precision that BMW has become known for. The X2 isn’t huge in the back, so it’ll probably suit you if you only take extra passengers occasionally, but the mechanically identical BMW X1 is very spacious indeed.

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