A grown up VW Golf with a big boot

Think of the VW Passat as a grown up VW Golf with a big boot.

And that means you are getting the best quality big family car in the mainstream sector. In fact, the VW Passat makes a good case for saving yourself a lot of money and not buying a BMW 3 Series or an Audi A4.

It doesn’t have quite the same image and badge clout, but in reality it has more space inside and its quality levels are close enough to the other German models not to make any difference to most buyers.

The VW Passat is a lot like a really good friend, you can rely on this VW because its good at just about everything. It’s comfortable, drives nicely and has all the gadgets you’d expect in an executive car. And it’s ultra practical with plenty of leg and headroom for five tall adults and a boot to cope with all the clutter of a growing family or if you are a businessman who lugs around a load of clobber for work.

What's more, it shares the same excellent engines as the Audi A4, so you are getting the latest petrol and diesel technology that offer class-leading economy and performance.

* Scores highly in every area * Conservative design will appeal to buyers who value practicality ahead of posing *

Volkswagen Passat in Stock

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Review image Loading Volkswagen Passat Saloon