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BMW 1 SERIES Car Review

A BMW for a fraction of the normal price

Obviously they will never be the same price as a Ford or Vauxhall but the 1 Series is the hatchback that made BMW ownership available to the masses for the first time.

The 1 Series is instantly recognisable as a BMW with the same corporate front end look as a 3 or 5 Series, just in a shrink-wrapped hatchback size. It’s the same story on the inside where you get the look of a BMW, just with less room in the back and boot.

And like any BMW, the price goes up the more equipment you want and the size of the engine. Although one of the beauties of buying from a car supermarket is your can pick up a well equipped 1 Series at a lower price.

The 1 Series drives like a genuine BMW with sharp precise handling, slick gearbox, and the compact size makes it ideal for either heavy city traffic or a long trip. There is a strong line-up of both petrol and diesel engines that all offer strong performance and economy.

It may be the entry model of the BMW range but it has all the appeal and image of the badge at a fraction of the price.

* Distinctive style * Useful combination of being good to drive and economical * 

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Review image BMW 1 Series Diesel Hatchback
Review image BMW 1 Series Diesel Hatchback
Review image BMW 1 Series Hatchback
Review image BMW 1 Series Diesel Hatchback