AUDI A3 Car Review

A leader in its class!

Any model that sells into the millions has got the right formula and the Audi fits firmly into that category.

The Audi A3 has consistently been Audi’s best selling car, in many ways it epitomises why the world the German brand has been so successful.

It has all the virtues people love about Audi, from the highly individual and instantly recognisable design to the brilliant engines. In short, it has desirability.

Audi also have among the best interiors of any car brand, a sophisticated mix of top quality materials beautifully laid out, to make it totally distinctive. And the Audi A3 is not just a pretty face, it’s also a car that delivers plenty of practicality with the option of three-door or five-door Sportback and now a saloon version.

The Audi A3 is just as good to drive with an engine to suit every taste and budget, from frugal diesels to sporty TSI petrol versions. If fuel economy isn’t crucial I’d go for the TSI.

In fact, Audi have got the Audi A3 spot on. Every time they bring out a new model they improve it in everyway, but keep all the basics that have made it such a class act. And when you come to sell the car in a few years time, the power of the four ringed Audi badge means it’s resale value will be better than most of its rivals.

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