The Benefits Of Extending Your Car’s Warranty

26 October 2021 Blog

Buying a new car is a big decision. It will be your main mode of transport, and you want to make sure you are buying something you can rely on.

Nearly new cars come with the added benefit of being younger and having lower mileage on them, which also means that you may be able to buy a car that still has some of its original manufacturer’s warranty remaining.

But what happens when this runs out? You can’t predict when an unforeseen circumstance may occur. Luckily there is an option to extend the warranty of your car beyond what the manufacturer provides, to continue to deliver the peace of mind and long-lasting protection that you’ve grown to enjoy when driving a new car.

If you are keeping your car longer than three years (the most common length of a manufacturer’s warranty you’ll find), this can be a very worthwhile investment.

Put it this way, you’d often pay to cover an £800 mobile phone or £500 washing machine, so why not pay to extend the warranty on a £20,000 car?


The Benefits Of Extending Your Car’s Warranty

Peace Of Mind

The biggest benefit of purchasing an extended warranty for your vehicle is peace of mind. Should anything go wrong with your car, your warranty will cover the costs of most repairs.

Look out for warranties that don’t have a claim limit to get the biggest benefit, as this means you won’t have to pay the difference between what the policy covers you for and the actual quote from the garage.


Repairs Are Carried Out By Certified Engineers

Should you need any repair work done as a result of a failure, this will be carried out by certified engineers. So you can essentially take the car to the main dealership for repair without having to pay their prices.

This means that your pride and joy is looked after by the experts who are specially trained to maintain your car. The average labour costs at a manufacturer main dealer are £67 per hour, so the added protection of an extended gives you the benefits of an expert’s touch without the bill to pay when you drive away.


An Issue Could Occur When You Least Expect It

You never know when your car may experience an electrical or mechanical failure. A warranty ensures that you are always prepared and can quickly get back on the road after a breakdown / immobilisation.

Some of the most comprehensive Warranty products will even include Breakdown cover, meaning you have all the full peace of mind of knowing you’re prepared in an emergency.


The Cover Generally Costs The Same No Matter The Car

Most warranties come with a one-off fee for the product, and this price is the same regardless of whether you have purchased a £12,000 Fiat 500 or a £60,000 Mercedes.

If you prefer to drive a prestige model this is particularly beneficial, as the costs of parts can soon add up.


Added Features

Some warranties come with some great extras. If you look at the Motorpoint Extended Warranty, you benefit from Breakdown Cover, Key Cover (should you lose your keys) as well as MOT test failure protection (covering the cost of repairs from an MOT failure).

The average cost of a replacement key for your car is £261. More prestige brands will see this price soar, with a Mercedes A Class key clocking in at a staggering £418


Save Money

In the long run, purchasing an extended warranty can save you money. This is especially true of policies with unlimited claims limits and those that offer the added extras such as MOT test failure protection and key cover as mentioned.

You’ll also want to keep an eye out for a policy that covers the cost of both parts and labour.

Here are just some of the common costs of repairs that cars undergo:

  • Front Shock Absorbers - £312
  • Radiator - £379
  • Alternator - £369
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve (EGR) - £465
  • Air Conditioning Compressor - £574
  • Starter Motor £290


Do Extended Warranties Cover Electric / Hybrid Cars?

It’s always worth checking with your warranty provider before you buy whether a Hybrid / Electric vehicle is covered. Many warranty providers won’t cover an electric vehicle due to the nature of complexity.

Thankfully, some providers will cover both Hybrid and Electric vehicles in the same capacity as a standard car. As batteries are considered ‘Consumables’ they are often excluded from cover, however, modern batteries have an excellent life-span and as long as recommended charging requirements are followed you should see no problems.


Looking To Buy A Nearly New Car?

Motorpoint offer a great choice of cars all available at unbeatable prices. All our cars are under warranty, with the option to extend this for an additional two years for added peace of mind.

Benefit from no individual claim limit, all electrical & mechanical parts covered, plus the addition of Breakdown Cover, Key Cover and MOT test failure cover. Learn more about the Motorpoint Extended Warranty.