Offset your car's carbon emissions

Modern cars are cleaner than ever thanks to advanced engine technologies and clever exhaust filtering. Despite this, they still have a measurable impact on the world around us. The good news, however, is you can help mitigate the damage caused by offsetting your carbon.

How does offsetting your carbon emissions work?

When you buy a nearly new car from Motorpoint, you’ll be given the option to pay a small fee to offset the carbon your car produces. The fee is £10 and offsets the carbon emissions from your first year of motoring.

The money raised from the carbon offset will be used across a range of environmental projects including planting trees and installing carbon capture technology. Over time, these projects will help clean up the Earth’s atmosphere.

Why should you offset your carbon emissions?

Carbon emissions from fuel-powered vehicles are proven to accelerate climate change and global warming. Global warming is mostly caused by increased levels of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide.

As well as causing more extreme weather conditions, global warming can affect crop growth, harm wildlife and their habitats, and degrade local air quality. Carbon offsetting helps to reduce your car’s environmental impact and lower your overall footprint.

Can you reduce your carbon emissions even more?

Carbon offsetting is a straightforward way to clean up your car’s act, but there are still other tactics we can use to reduce our emissions even further.

When choosing your nearly new car, consider picking one powered by a hybrid engine or a fully electric model as your next daily driver. These put out far fewer emissions compared with regular petrol or diesel cars.