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Pragmatic and spacious, the Volkswagen Caddy Maxi, combined with a new wave of technology, is a sure-fire great choice when purchasing a nearly new used van from Motorpoint. 

Volkswagen has long been known for its vans, notably the VW Transporter models they have produced for over 70 years. The VW Caddy Maxi is the smaller brother of the iconic Transporter yet still bears many of the same features as its iconic counterpart. 

When you purchase a used Volkswagen Caddy Maxi, you get a fun and efficient van in a compact setting. It has a powerful engine behind it while still offering the driver maneuverability and practicality.

Your VW Caddy Maxi questions answered

The Volkswagen Caddy Maxi is an ideal halfway point between a work van and a day-to-day vehicle. Compact enough to be driven around urban areas or small country lanes, the driving experience is not so different from a large car. However, you still have a more than ample 4.2m3 loading space. If you require additional space, there are the options of removable and lockable towbar couplings that can tow a maximum weight of 1,500kg. 

Still unsure if the Volkswagen Caddy Maxi is the right van for you? Why don't you pop down to your nearest Motorpoint store or contact one of our vehicle experts? We can talk you through all of the specifications and details, so you can be confident you have the right van for your needs. 

The newer generations of the Caddy Maxi are particularly impressive for their efficiency, which is especially true for the TDI engines (1.6 or 2.0), which return good economy figures without compromising on power. 

The Caddy van engine range is Euro 6 compliant, using VW's Selective Catalytic Reduction technology which injects AdBlue urea solution into the exhaust gases, reducing NOx emissions. Economy figures are good with a spread of 55.4mpg to 61.4mpg for diesel models and 47.1mpg to 53.3mpg for petrol.