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One of the most distinctive cars on the road

There is nothing mini about the new five door version. If anything it should be called the Mini Maxi. The good news though is that in the five door format it is now a proper family car.

It’s down to personal taste over whether you like the styling that comes with the five door, but you can also go for the cuter three door version.

Whatever model you choose the Mini is still one of the most distinctive cars on the road, with the trademark round headlights of the original classic Mini, that are like everything else on the new Mini - bigger.

BMW, who now own Mini, have continued to make fun to drive a priority whichever model you buy, it’s still a hoot to potter around town but thanks to some impressive engines the Mini is just as capable on a long journey. 

I’d go for the mega economical 1.5 litre diesel that delivers 70 mpg plus and zero road tax, but if you want more excitement try the lively 2.0 litre diesel that sill returns between 60 and 65 mpg and is still only £30 road tax.

You get one of the most distinctive interiors of any car featuring the big round globe infotainment centre in the middle of the dash, the neat speedo and rev counter dials joined together in front of the driver. Plus all the gadgets you’d need from cruise control/ Sat Nav to Bluetooth phone connection.

I like the blend of the past with retro toggle switches and modern carbon fibre and black trim. The new five door may be a thoroughly modern Mini but it still has the character of the original. What more could you ask for.

* Distinctive styling inside and out * Now a genuine four seater * Still drives like a go kart, but a lot more economical *

Mini Hatchback in Stock

Review image Mini Hatchback Diesel
Review image Mini Hatchback Diesel
Review image Mini Hatchback Diesel
Review image Mini Hatchback